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Kale has been a distracted little bugger while nursing these past few days. Now that he has become a member of the sitting world, and is very very close to becoming a member of the crawling world, all he wants to do while he should be nursing is rolling away and partying like a rock star on his hands and knees. We still nurse most commonly while lying down, its something I find comfy and cozy and we cover up with a blanket and snuggle down. I am capable and occasionally do nurse in other positions but the side lying is far and away the best one for us both. But the side lying position gives Kale the opportunity to unlatch, and roll away and so nursing has been a bit of a challenge this past few days while I chase El Bambino Distracto around on the bed.

I was looking for some ideas online about what to do – and I read on the Kelly Mom forums about nursing necklaces – a necklace you wear while you are breastfeeding. The idea is that it keeps baby’s attention a little more focussed while they nurse rather than unlatching to go check out whatever it is over there that has their attention. They linked a few different sites for SAHM who make them, and while I’d love to pay a mom to make one for me, I am simply not interested in spending $40+ on something I can make myself. 

So I hit Micheal’s the other day and rooted through their clearance bin until I found some acrylic faux amber beads and then grabbed a bit of hemp string and voila!

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Kale likes it – he likes to wave it back and forth and I think he likes the noise of it clinking together. He’s also taste-tested it, of course, and pronounces it delicious. I pull it out only when we are nursing to keep it special. When we are done breastfeeding, I will likely take it apart and rework the beads and make something I wear since I love amber so much.

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  1. Thanks Frieda! Altogether it cost me a whopping $12, so others might just call me “cheap” rather than “clever”. Ha ha ha.

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