Splurge (But Justifying it For The Boy)

Today I went out and bought myself a new toy. Well, I bought US a new toy. Well, I bought US a new device to store all the precious pictures we take of Kale because he’s only 7 months old and I have pretty much filled up our hard drive already. 

I bought a 750GB external hard drive. I’m practically DIZZY with all the space I have now. Holy crikey.

Isn’t it pretty? All black and sleek and smooth and shiny.

From Miscellaneous

Man, I love that I am geeking out over a black shiny box.

Anyway, now I have oodles of room to put stuff like this:

From Kale 6 to 9 months

or this awesome painted cat butt:

From Miscellaneous

Or even this picture of Mooki awake for once:

From Mooki
13 years ago


  1. We don’t have the same black shiny one but we did recently buy an external hard drive for all our millions and trillions of photos of Georgia.

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