7 Months

Kale is 7 months old today, and while I haven’t made a point of noting each monthly anniversary, I happened to notice today and thought I would post a nice picture we took today to note the day:

From Kale 6 to 9 months

Today we had some guests over for tea, two friends of mine from back when I was a Girl Guide Leader, and we had a lovely time. I am always amazed at what a congenial and gregarious little baby Kale is – he makes us look good with his charm and smiles and flirting. It almost makes up for the evil screeching that occured at 3AM last night. Dear Kale: What was that all about? Man. That sucked.

Kale’s been on a bit of a roll lately with consistent sleeping times (knock wood) and has been napping at 11AM and 3PM and then bed at 7PM with a fair amount of regularity, but this past two days were a bit of a mess. I’m hoping that tonight we can hit the ol’ reset button as we have a bit of a busy week planned. 

The big deal this week is that Nana and Grandpa, my mom and step-dad, are coming for a visit mid-week. I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve also got a pregnant friend stopping by Tuesday and tomorrow Kale and I have an appointment at city hall to talk to a very nice lady for an article I am writing for Tenth to the Fraser. 

Other action items on my agenda include some sewing projects, the finishing touches on my resume and cover letter, and maybe a passport photo for Kale. Not that we are travelling anywhere, I just like having a passport. And besides, a big boy who is 7 months old needs a passport. Seriously, wow – 7 months.

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  1. That is a great photo – I still have multiple chins on all our pics 🙂 7 months is the start of such an exciting new period with a baby. You are both going to have more big fun!

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