Extending Nap Times, Crawling, and Eyebrows (Not Related)

You know, I dearly love my son. He is the best best bestest thing in my world, bar none. But seriously? The napping? I would *heart* it if the napping could be more than 20 minutes before some intervention from me is required to entend the nap to a more suitable 45 minutes. Also, I think its a rule that Kale will nap for 2 hours on a Saturday just to prove me wrong and show off for his Daddy.

 Kale is teething these days and while the screeching doesn’t appear to be as horrific as it was before the arrival of the first two teeth (or perhaps I’m becoming accustomed to it?), it does keep him awake or wake him up from sleep with some regularity. How do I know its the teething? Oh, the face clutching or the nom nom nom on my finger, his finger, anybody’s finger are pretty darn good clues. Occasionally our boy is constipated as he becomes used to solids but its more frequently teeth that causes blips in his naps. 

What’s that adage that everyone reminds me of? “This too shall pass”. Right. thistooshallpassthistooshallpassthistooshallpassthistooshallpass




He is also obsessive with trying to crawl. Here he is testing out his mad crawlin’ skillz:


From Kale 6 to 9 months

and DOWN:

From Kale 6 to 9 months

This is his favorite move these days. Imagine this three hundred and eleventy billion times a day and you pretty much have what I see. Its AWESOME. Seriously, it cracks me up seeing him work it like Jane Fonda all day. 

So… check this out. Who’s this fat baby and her big brother?

From Miscellaneous

I have no idea how old I am in that picture. Mom? Ideas? Even though I have a baby I am the worst at guesstimating ages of children under 5. So, you’ll note that I have pretty much no eyebrows in that picture. although at that young age there already appears to be a fair amount of brow furrowing.

Kale was born with a rather generous and lovely set of eyebrows and while researching this topic I can find a lot of moms lamenting their eyebrowless children but very few who note that their kid has crazy Groucho Marx eyebrows. I’m not saying Kale has crazy Eyebrows of Doom, but just saying that the norm seems to be eyebrow free rather than a surplus.

Something that sticks with me is that when Andrea, Ross’ brother’s partner,  a certifiable baby lover and mom herself, met Kale for the first time, she commented on how lovely his eyebrows were. Now, that might normally be something one might say to someone whose baby resembles a squished tomato rather than a bundle of cuteness, but I am pretty sure Kale was cute from day one so I don’t think she was finding things to compliment him on rather than lie about his lack of cuteness. A few others have noted that he has nice eyebrows – and he sure didn’t get them from me. I have crazy eyebrows that grow in the wrong way and require a fair amount of grooming to keep the tail ends under control. Also, one is way longer than the other. 

Anyway, so eyebrows. What’s the norm here? Are eyebrows just something I am taking for granted on Kale? He is expressive with his brows and I just sort of assumed along with ten fingers and ten toes, his eyebrow quotient was pretty much bang on the normal range. Am I obsessing about this and really shouldn’t?

Exhibit A – Kale at like, two weeks, looking incredulous at me:

From Kale 0 to 3 months

Exhibit B – Kale the other day, studiously examining his Bug Ring:

From Kale 6 to 9 months
13 years ago


  1. A couple things:
    1) I keep meaning to e-mail you and thank you for the formula coupon. I meant to e-mail you and tell you that I would take any formula coupons you had and then you just sent it anyway because you are awesome and I am a slack-assed e-mailer. I’m sick again and now Moira is sick and I haven’t been e-mailing anyone and I know you understand but still that isn’t much of an excuse.
    2) Hopefully once Kale is more mobile he will start napping more – that’s what Moira did (although still not a great napper at least it is WAY better than it was).
    3) Those really are nice eyebrows but can I just say THOSE CHEEKS are the cuteness. Yes, I actually said “the cuteness”. I bet you kiss them eleventy billion times a day.

  2. Kale has great eyebrows! I wasn’t just searching for a compliment when he was born (cause you’re right… he was adorable from day 1), I truly love his beautiful and expressive eyebrows!

  3. Homeopathic camillia… by boiron. available everywhere (even shoppers). blue box. it worked wonders with jade’s teething issues.

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