Nap Math and Delurking

If  a nap can be expressed mathematically, it would go something like this. I’m bad at math, so forgive my logic if I am way off here. 

One might hope that if n is a nap, and t is the length of a nap in minutes, then nap = nt. However this does not account for the seemingly related amount of time that must be spent prior to the nap as apparently the correlation between the chilling out time pre-nap and the nap itself, at least in our household, appears to be almost at par. So if the time it takes to soothe the baby for said nap is expressed as s, and that time is directly related to the outcome of nt, one could suppose that s is also equal to nt, except that s is actually an unknown, and this must be solved before we can solve nt. To find the value of s, one must first find value of the magical fairy sleepy dust, which can also be expressed as x and multiply s x x.

Therefore, nap = (nt(sx))

If we assume that nt and s are the same, can we solve what x is?

And does pi factor into this? What about the hypotenuse? I mean, now I am just throwing out random mathematical vocabulary. 

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I missed National Delurking Day / Week back in January. I’ve always kinda disliked the idea of delurking on request because there are a few blogs I read that honestly I don’t think the author cares I read. I mean, do internet-famous bloggers really give a hoot who is reading? Probably not. The focus of the Arbolog, however, was always to keep people we already know in touch with what’s going on in our lives. But lately, I’ve been hearing from odd sources that so-and-so is reading this blog and that so-and-so is also reading and honestly? I had no idea that you guys even knew this blog existed! I’m kinda thrilled, to be honest, that the readership includes more than the handful of people that comment. So today, being Valentine’s Day, marks the 1st Annual Arbolog Voluntary Delurk – that is, if you read, I’d like to know but if you don’t want to play, that’s okay too! Leave a note in the comments to say hi. 

And Happy Valentine’s Day! Kale loves you. And trees, apparently. 

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13 years ago


  1. Delurking myself, though you already know I read Arbolog. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. And by the way..Kale’s gummy grin is absolutely adorable. You have one cute little mister there, Jen.

  2. i’m more of a lurker than a message-leaver but i think you know that i’m a regular reader. since having a baby i’m much more interested in other people and their babies so i’m loving all the photos and posts about Kale.

  3. I’m also more of a lurker than a message reader. I have to fess up though – your website is the first I check every day for new updates:) Kale is amazing!

  4. Hi, another lurker here, as well as occasional message leaver. I enjoy the pics of your precious Kale, and also your humor and approach to life. Since I am not a math person myself, I could not even tell if you were for real or joshing with all the algebra stuff. It sounded ligit though. Did you spend the whole nap time figuring that out? I hope not!!

  5. I am caught lurking a day late and it seems silly to say Happy Vday now…but I’m going to! Happy Vday.

    I hope it was grand and I also hope that I can finally get some time to respond to your email.

    How does potluck next Friday or Saturday night sound? My sister is coming to town at the end of the month for about two weeks.

    And WOW Kale is really starting to look so much like you!!!!

  6. Does it count as lurking if I also post the odd story? Four days after Valentines Day but <3 to all who read and comment on our blog.

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