Countdown to Massage

One of my Christmas gifts from Ross was a gift certificate for a massage at the local massage therapy college. I was ecstatic upon receiving this as a gift, but kind of got sidetracked with life and it wasn’t untl this past week I got my butt in gear to start looking at when I want to go. I finally got through to the massage therapy college’s student clinic, and am now counting down the days till my appointment next week where I will receive a full body clay pack, and a therapeutic massage. Huzzah! 

The beauty of using the student clinic is that its a whole lot less expensive for a great massage, and a little trick I learned from a former roommate who was attending the college is to ask when the most senior students are working and schedule your appointment then as you get the ones with the most experience. 

So today is exactly 7 days from my massage. Not that I am counting or anything.

13 years ago