I can’t stop coming up with ideas and I feel bad for a few of my friends who get asked every week “what do you think of this idea?”

These are things swirling around:

  • an online fabric store that offers a “pick up social night” once a week here in town
  • a children’s toy using felt on a board for creative play
  • a coupon book, like the entertainment book, for pet owners
  • a tiny little chai company
  • Paperblanks dayplanners
  • Wool socks – none left

For logistic and storage reasons, I am putting the fabric store and the toy idea out of the way for now, and for financial reasons, I am waiting on the coupon book (I got a quote – wow). I’m sold out on my wool socks and  I am sending people to my friend (the sheep owner) because she has socks to sell off and I don’t know that we are going to do the sock thing again. Not this way, anyway. The dayplanners are happening – email me if you want one! – but that’s a little one off that happens at the end of the year. And the chai company is well, the chai company is happening fast.

I  (I should say we, because its “our” recipe I am going to use) make a nice loose spice mix for chai and for the past few years I have given jars of it as gifts to various friends and always gotten tremendous feedback. The recipe is actually from Ross’ cousin and I buy the ingredients in Little India where they are reasonably priced.

This week, I sent out an email to a few people and we brainstormed a name and I’ve picked Chai By Night. Because all this happens at night when Kale is asleep, it makes sense. Plus its a cute little Canadiana pun homage to Rush.

My immediate goal is to sell at the Royal City Farmer’s Market and to do that, I need to get the ok from Environmental Health that I do simple stuff like wash my hands when I make the chai. I don’t have any goals to take over the chai world or compete with the in-house brands that places like Starbucks or Blenz sell – I am aiming for the home brewer and small, boutique style coffee shops who have the ability to slow brew this stuff. My mix is not something one can slap together as it takes time to brew.

I bought a domain name this weekend, and my wonderful and patient computer guru design friend Gillian (of Pip Robins and TypeAlice) installed WordPress (one of the few online software platforms I know really well) for me, and I threw up a few random fast posts because there is nothing worse than an empty website.

John at the Village Coffee Lounge on 12th Street here in New Westminster is being kind enough to host a tasting of Chai By Night on Saturday February 28th from 12pm-2pm and I will be there with little samples of my chai. I’m nervous that this is happening so fast as I have a few ducks I need to get in a row in order to feel comfortable (Packaging, a scale, labels, etc etc) but I have spent the past few hours writing a list of things to do this week and I work amazingly well under pressure so it feels kind of good to be DOING rather than TALKING for once.

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  1. I hope it works well for you! I know what a lot of people do is just buy a lot of mini ziplock bags and attach a nice business card to the top of the bag with a staple. Or, just a big sticker would work too.

    Try Etsy for the ziplocks if you can’t find any in your area. The suppliers on Etsy can hook you up (make sure you search under the “Supplies” category, not the “Handmade” one.

  2. Chai Chai I need Chai!!! 🙂
    I don’t know about an on line fabric store… I like to wander thru the store, feeling the fabrics, getting inspiration…

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