Official Documents

I walked up to the store today and got a passport photo done of Kale. We have no plans to travel anywhere, but starting June 1st you are going to need a passport to cross the US border and its entirely possible that we might go to the States for some reason. So rather than have a mad rush later, I decided to get the happenings together for Kale’s passport now. 

A passport for a child is a really simple process. It’s also really cheap. It’s $22 for children under 3, and if you get a passport for the child in their first year, you are allowed a one time re-issue with a new photo in between their 2 and 3 year so that the picture is more accurate.

Kale had fun getting his picture taken. He got to smile and flirt with the two ladies at the store who took his picture and he got to practise his sitting skills although I had to hold him still (including the travelling hands he has) to get the picture. I purposely dressed him in his martian onesie because I *heart* this onesie.  Tell me this isn’t adorable, holy crap:

From Kale 6 to 9 months

When Kale was born, and we registered him with the Department of Vital Statistics, we requested the “long form” birth certificate, that lists both Ross and I as his parents because supposedly that makes life a bit easier in this world of custody agreements and what not. The birth certificates have been updated and now are large and are designed to discourage people from carrying them in their wallet since it’s such an important document. Here is a very exciting brochure, should you care, that details the new birth certificates and all their fancy security features. Page one and page two are separate because the government apparently can’t figure out how to put both page one and page two in one document. 

But I guess the powers that be didn’t consider things like passport applications. Available at postal outlets, the application includes the actual form and a guide on how to fill it out, and the whole thing is nicely packaged in an unsealed envelope that you use to send in your passport if you are mailing it. If you are couriering (that’s an awkward word) it, then you have to use another address, just to make it more complicated. I wonder how many applications get sent to the wrong address? Anyway, I can’t fit Kale’s birth certificate into the return envelope that comes with his passport application so now I have to go hunting for a different sized envelope that will fit it. YAY! 

In any event, a friend of mine has agreed to be his guarantor (actually, its a guarantor for the applicant – namely, me) and she’s going to pop by tomorrow and sign off on it so that we can get this in the mail! I don’t know why it thrills me to get all this official documentation for Kale – he has a birth certificate and a Care Card already – but I wonder if it’s because the more documentation I get for him, the more he exists in the world? I don’t know. But for $22, why not? 

Today was another small milestone for Kale – with the introduction of lunch (today was a delicious mix of mushed banana and oatmeal cereal) we are officially up to three solid meals a day. Kale has about 20 or 30 foods he can eat now, and none have given him any reactions, thankfully, other than just getting used to digesting the foods. This past week he tried tofu for the first time and was pretty keen. We aren’t overting raising him as a vegetarian and don’t plan to, but tofu is something we eat frequently, so it makes sense. Above all, I want Kale to eventually eat whatever we are eating so tofu is a natural choice to try.

13 years ago