Dog Toys and Baby’s Best Chance

So Kale’s favorite activity these days is to flip over a basket of Mooki’s dog toys. He has tonnes of his own toys, but none are nearly as fun as this basket full of stinky, tasty dog toys.

From Kale 6 to 9 months

Fortunately, Mooki is not possessive of her toys, in fact, she hardly wants to play with them unless we initiate it because she is JUST THAT LAZY.

Because Kale is also Mr. So-Close-To-Crawling-He-Can-Taste-It, we also spend about 90% of our time within the safe confines of the exersaucer or on the floor. You know, conveniently close to where the basket full of dog toys is. Note to self: get carpets cleaned. Holy cow those are disgusting.  

So any of you who are friends of mine on Facebook know that on Tuesday, I attended a private screening for the documentary I was in while I was pregnant.  I’ve hinted at it here and there but never really talked about it. The documentary is for Baby’s Best Chance, which is the Ministry of Health in BC’s book that all BC residents get from their health unit while expecting. It’s a pretty decent overview of info that covers from conception to about 6 weeks post-partum and its currently in its 6th revision. 

The unfortunate thing is the bookis really… data-riffic. It’s text based and not everyone can relate to the info that way. So they decided to produce a companion DVD and when I was about 5 months pregnant I received an email from a cousin on Ross’ side, asking me if I knew anyone who was currently pregnant that would be interested in volunteering. Why not? I thought.  

We went through about 5 interviews before hand, and then they gave us a camera that we took to the hospital with us. They originally wanted to come with us to film the delivery but I politely declined. So they gave us a camera instead and Ross shot a fair amount of footage of me at the hospital during all my inductions and eventual cesearean. Then, there was a last interview about 8 weeks post partum.

On Tuesday, the four moms got to watch the film, and we were all given copies of it to take home, as well as DVDs full of the raw unedited footage for us to keep. They were also nice enough to give us little thank you gifts as well, and I have a gift certificate for a spa that I can’t wait to use. Hello, Facial, where ya been the last few years? The video was originally meant to be about 45 minutes long, but it ended up at 76 minutes. Wow. There is one scene in which I am a huge blubbering mess. I was asked if I was disappointed that I had a cesearean birth instead of a vaginal birth and the answer was (and still is) not at all and I think if I am not by now, I likely won’t be. But I guess all the crazy post-delivery hormones were running a little on the strong side and I was, well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. 🙂  

Anyway, I don’t know when they are releasing it to the health units for use in prenatal classes but it’s done, it’s produced, it’s packaged, and it’s ready. So if you happen to see it, you can say you know me!

13 years ago


  1. Woohoo…can’t wait to see it…or is it going to scare me away from wanting to give birth? I’m starting my Lupron shots on Saturday so we are only about three and a half weeks away from the nitty gritty of IVF! Ack!

  2. way to go, glad you gave them good copy. 🙂
    Our carpets need cleaning as well as our couch, I’m waiting until he’s not so pukey. Of course, he’s not NEARLY as pukey as he used to be… but maybe another month.

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