Chai Tasting and Weekend Plans

I’m really excited because I had a chai tasting today at the Village Coffee Lounge on 12th Street in New Westminster and it went really well. John, the owner of the coffee shop, is now officially serving Chai By Night and is also selling the mix. That’s better than I could have hoped for. Things have been trucking right along for Chai By Night – I have my application in for approval from Environmental Health to sell it at the Farmer’s Market which starts in June and I’m not concerned that it won’t be approved. 

Kale had swimming today, as he does every Saturday, and there are only two classes left! I can’t believe it has gone this fast. Ross is thinking about signing up for the second set of classes, Waterbabies II, which apparently focusses on propulsion and underwater skills rather than simple submersion. They are offered on Saturdays as well, so it seems like the next inevitable step. 

Tomorrow Kale, Ross, and I are entertaining guests for a crock pot dinner and so this afternoon we are headed out to pick up the ingredients we need. It’s a nice and relaxed weekend for us. Gone are the days when my weekend was so jam packed I had no time for anything. 

Oh! And Monday I am really excited because I get to have a pedicure! WHEE! My girlfriend Petrina has opened up her own spa and is having a special on pedicures. I used to regularly get pedicures but the hustle and bustle of having a newborn has made me forget all about my previous addiction until I saw her Facebook status proclaiming a reall good deal. 

And my massage, originally scheduled for last Wednesday, had to be rescheduled (my fault) for this coming Wednesday. I guess it’s a crazy week ALL ABOUT ME. 

But just in case you are missing out on your Kale fix:

Mmmmm… thumb.

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