The Business of Being Born

I watched The Business of Being Born, a documentary produced by Ricki Lake about childbirth in America. While some of it simply doesn’t apply in Canada, and specifically BC where midwifery care is covered by our medical plan, some of the statistics about the sheer number of cesarean births in this decade and the medicalization of maternity care really hit home with me. If you haven’t seen this movie, I really do recommend it. 

Have any of you seen it? What did you think?

13 years ago


  1. I watched it about a month and a half ago. Was on some movie channel and happened upon it by sheer chance. So glad I did watch it. Some of the information about how the use of ‘birth aiding drugs’ actually caused more C-Sections and what hormonal things happen when giving birth that support having as natural a childbirth experience as possible, were great. Even the hubby got sucked into watching it.

    The only thing that was weird was that cone shaped hairdo on the mid-wife who was having the home birth. Scared me more than watching all the pain and grunting.

  2. Loved it, loved it, loved it. And is only part of the reason why I feel “sorry” for the women who’ve had c-sections (I felt this way long before becoming a mom, though).

    Did it change how you feel about your birth experience?

  3. Not really. I had an emergency c-section for an actual emergency reason, after labouring for over 17 hours. I don’t feel that the choice was taken away from me, I felt I made a very informed choice for the safety of Kale since at that point, they discovered what the problem was and why he wasn’t coming down. Had the section been suggested to me earlier, like at the start of the inductions? Then definitely watching that movie would have changed my feelings.

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