Kale has the love for the foods. 

We started like everyone does with rice cereal and we have so far tested and liked:

  • peas
  • carrots
  • plain yogurt, and now, plain yogurt with a teensy bit of cinnamon in it
  • banana
  • Baby Mum Mums
  • Heritage O’s / Cheerios
  • sweet potato
  • avocado
  • apple sauce (homemade, kind of tart)
  • asian pear
  • anjou pear
  • oat cereal
  • millet cereal
  • tofu
  • cottage cheese
  • peaches
  • prunes
  • green beans

Today we are trying spinach and next is zucchini. So far the only thing he sort of didn’t care for was peas, but that may hae been my fault as they were one of the first things he tried and I made my own and didn’t grind them enough, probably. 

I’ve been trying to make a point of it not always being the sweet foods, although admittedly, banana is his fave fave favorite and if he’s getting somewhat fussy I KNOW I can give him some banana in the feeder and he’s happy to shove it into his cakehole and get all messy. Here he is enjoying some sweet potato in a particularly messy way:


From Kale 6 to 9 months

I had the car for once today as Ross is on his annual company ski trip to Whistler for the day and so after breakfast, Kale and I went to the grocery store and did a great big grocery shop. He got to sit in the cart thing and spent the entire time flirting with any person within about 5 feet of us. I selected a canteloupe and let him smell and feel it, and he loved that, and when I picked up the bag of apples he used all of his might to s-t-r-e-t-c-h around and touch the bag as I was putting it into the cart. It was really fun for him. Kale’s been to the grocery store a few times, but we are generally in and out as fast as possible because we are often there as a family on Saturdays and it’s really busy.  So today I strolled every aisle, looking at things, putting them down, letting him smell or touch them and chatting with him the whole time and I think we both really enjoyed it. I know I did. He was totally sleepy by the time we arrived home and it was a matter of minutes and he was down for his nap.

I’ve been reading on Ask Moxie that we should be expecting a big sleep regression soon and I am gearing up for that. His top two teeth are RIGHT THERE and I am expecting those to bust through any day now. I can tell they are close because when he’s nursing it feels different. They are HUGE, liky my front two teeth. I’m hoping that the two events – the sleep regression and the enormous top two teeth – don’t collide on the same night. Or perhaps I want them to collide on one horrible night and then GO AWAY FOR GOOD by the next day. 

Last thing – I wanted to ask you moms about iron. Back in the day when I sold vitamins for a living, we used to sell Flora’s products most commonly for iron, since iron is so darn hard to absorb.  We sold Floradix or Floravit for adults, and as I recall, we didn’t have an iron supplement specifically for kids, although we usually sold Kindervital as a multivitamin, which is iron free so that the calcium absorbs better. So my question is twofold, I guess. Do I really need to supplement iron? My research tells me that the jury is still out on that one – some experts say that the iron in breastmilk is SO absorbable that you don’t need to supplement and some experts disagree and insist that kids have supplemental iron. And I guess the second part of my question is (if you are from the school that says a supplement is necessary) what brand and kind of iron do you use or suggest?

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  1. Given my not-so-awesome experience with the League, its not really surprising that I don’t follow their recommendations. LOL. They can stick their recommendations where the sun doesn’t shine and then some. 🙂 What I do follow is the recommendations in an excellent book that Karina gave me: called Super Baby Food. SBF follows a vegetarian diet, and while I plan to take what I want from this book, and don’t intend to raise Kale vegetarian, I haven’t yet started meats and I don’t think I am going to for a little bit still. Yogurt was one of the very first foods Kale tried, to be honest, and that’s because of the bacteria. Cottage cheese is new – as in just this past week – and he LOVES it. He’s still breastfeeding 5 or 6 times a day, so my gut tells me he doesn’t need iron supplements, but I wanted to see what you all thought.

  2. I don’t do iron supplements, either. What I do, instead, are things like buy organic dried apricots and soak/puree them, adding a blob into oatmeal. Raisins, also. Seeds, greens. Colin still doesn’t really eat meat and I don’t sweat the iron thing…

  3. If you don’t want to give Kale meat, he can get iron from the iron fortified rice cereal, some beans, egg yolk, green vegies. Call dial a dietician or go to BC health files website and look for file on infant foods. Breastmilk has some iron in it, but by Kale’s age he needs more than what breastmilk has in it. Do you want me to mail you some handouts?

  4. We’re trying goat’s milk yogurt again lately (and it hasn’t upset his belly- so YAY!), and I’ll keep that up because of the bacteria. You can get infant yogurt bacteria stuff in a bottle to mix in with his other foods (that’s what I do), but if Kale’s had no reaction to the milk, then you’re doing the right thing!

    I figured the mention of the LLL league would turn your stomache, haha. I just know that they say that meat is pretty easily digestable. A friend of mine who feeds her daughter meat makes a nice beef stew with potatoes and carrots and stuff, and then feeds it to her like that. It sounds like a good, easy way to introduce meat.

    That being said, you know we’re veggies over here and would never want to push you to give Kale meat, hahaha. 😉 I just know it’s a good source of iron.

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