First Hockey Game

Two entries today because someone is currently 90+ minutes into a nap. Unheard of. Whether its from being up a bit more than normal at night due to teething or whether I have daylight savings time to thank, I don’t know. I also don’t question. So don’t forget to read the picture heavy entry below!

Today Kale turns 8 months old and what better thing to do that to go to the hockey game! WOO! 

Some friends of mine are season ticket holders for the Vancouver Giants and today is “unused season ticket holder day” where unused season tickets can be cashed in for regular seats. Jen and Eric are generously giving me some tickets to the  game tonight at 5PM, and so I’ve rounded up a few buddies and we are all going to go as a group – there are 8 of us altogether. We are taking at least two separate cars, because Kale hasn’t ever been to a real hockey game – we did duck into Burnaby Winter Club once to watch a rec game but nothing with horns and 10,000 people – and I’m worried he won’t enjoy himself because it will be overwhelming. 

A few times now, we’ve done things I thought Kale would find overwhelming and not enjoy and he has surprised me more than once by rolling with the punches and just givin’ ‘er (and that movie reference is special just for Melanie). But in the event he goes into Operation Meltdown because it’s too much/too loud/too whatever I don’t want my hockey buddies having to leave something they are enjoying. So Ross and I are bringing our own car. 

Children up to 2 years of age don’t require a ticket, although if you want them to have their own seat you do have to pony up. But when we are only talking about $20 per ticket (and in this case $0 per ticket), it’s not a big deal to do so. 

Kale seems to like hockey on TV which we’ve let him watch with us a few times. Hockey is very black and white – high contrast because of the uniforms and the white ice so I’m not surprised he has enjoyed it. He also gets to snuggle with Mama and Daddy on the couch and that’s always a good time. But translating his enjoyment of a two dimensional screen to real life, well…. I don’t know. I guess we will find out.

13 years ago