Every picture we take of Kale these days is blurry. He’s so busy and constantly on the move. He’s a camera ham, too. Here he is in the bath, playing with the scrubber wearing his crocodile washcloth for a hat. Those googly eyes are usually in his mouth during a bath, but I gave him the scrubber and that was apparently more entertaining. He has outgrown his little bath seat – well, outgrown isn’t the right word – he doesn’t want to sit in the boring bath seat anymore. So now we have to trap him in our legs while it’s bath time because he still hasn’t quite mastered the art of sitting. He can do it, but the second he sees something interesting, he tries to grab it and that results in a lot of faceplants into the bath water. 

From Kale 6 to 9 months

He explores everything. If it can go in his mouth, it does. If it can’t, his mouth goes to it, and if that’s not possible, it is closely inspected. If he can turn it over and look at it from different angles, he does. Things that make noise, like door stoppers are awesome. Things he can bang together are even more fun. 

From Kale 6 to 9 months

The good old chip bag, once Toy Numero Uno, got recycled today because it hasn’t been used in weeks. Spatchy (the silicone spatula) is boring now. Amazingly, the two plastic disks from my breast pump are still in use – although they are now “cymbals” he bangs together. Toys now in heavy rotation: the round wooden blocks from a train set. A small funnel. A skinny measuring thing from Enfamil we never used. A container that formerly housed dipping sauce from a Vietnamese restaurant. A Discovery Toys fabric cube that contains a crinkly fish, a rattly bunny, a textured flower, a crinkly AND textured moon, a squeaky soft duck, and a rattly satin heart. The Fisher Price Rock A Stack we got as a gift from Auntie Andrea is quickly becoming a favorite, as is the Infantino Spiral Spin Top (which, embarrassingly, I don’t remember who gave to us). Kale is finally showing an interest in books – I’ve been reading to him for about 6 months and it’s only just now that he seems to be interested in the books for something other than cramming them in his mouth. 

I also just bought two items from the baby store, that I went to so I could by a plastic bowl that suctions onto Kale’s high chair tray because he really wants to feed himself and my glass ramekins are not gonna cut it. They were sold out of all of the brands they carry that suction. So, I perused the store and picked up two items: the Sassy Hug and Tug Sprout (curiously not listed on their website but all over Amazon Japan??? What do Japanese people know that I don’t?), and the RaZ-Berry Teether, both of which Kale seems to love. 

I’ve decided to buy the bowl/plate I want from Raspberry Kids, a local company selling higher quality items, because this is now like, the millionth time I have gone to Baby’s World and they didn’t have what I wanted or were sold out or wanted twice as much as other stores. So the $70 I have left on our giftcard I will slowly chip away at but seriously… enough with supporting their business because quite frankly, I am ALWAYS disappointed with them. 

I had to move a cabinet full of breakable glass things today to a corner that we can protect better, and I have emailed a local company to find out about getting a fireplace screen made. I HATE HATE HATE the ones that are offered at baby stores made by Kidco because they look like boring balcony railings and are ridiculously expensive. So I found a local company that custom makes free standing fire screens and have asked for a quote. 

It’s happening so fast that Kale is developing, I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up!

13 years ago


  1. Hi Jen (and Ross & Kale),
    I just wanted to thank you for your mention of Raspberry Kids in your blog.

    We would love to offer you a 15% discount for you to purchase the bowl, plate you covet from our online lifestyle store.

    At checkout, please use the discount code: rk15

    We strive to exceed customers expectations when it comes to their online and overall shopping experience with Raspberry Kids!

    Thanks again for the shout out.
    Have a fresh, healthy and fun day,

    Sue Sinclair, Chief Executive Mom, Raspberry Kids

    1. Hey everyone, Sue has also said that the 15% discount applies to all blog readers, so feel free to use that code and go shopping!

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