Waterbabies I

I wasn’t the only one to accomplish something this weekend! Kale had his last Waterbabies Class and this time I got to go! It was fun. Also fun? Picking one of my three pre-pregnancy swimsuits to wear. My boobs are definitely much larger and floppier than they used to be! 

But look!

From Kale 6 to 9 months

Kale and Ross are going to sign up for Waterbabies II with some of the other parents from this class. I love the little stickers and it’s super cute that he gets a “report card”.

(And yes, it totally bothers me that “awesome” is spelled incorrectly.)

13 years ago

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  1. We took Caden to the pool today for his first swimming experience. He was… overwhelmed. To his credit, he was very brave and didn’t break out into hysterical crying, but he did spend 90% of our time there CLUTCHING my neck and sort of burrowing into my neck. Averting his eyes from the Stimulation. He did relax for a while and splashed around (like hs does in the tub) and rode in a floaty boat, but then it was back to Mummy’s neck and the choker hold. And he was asleep almost as soon as he hit the carseat.

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