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I posted a while back about my hair, and  lately for some reason the Hair Horns are driving me so crazy that I am just annoyed and irritated and feeling really rather grumpy about my hair. Here is the hair regrowth, thus far.  I’m not sure if you can see the horn that well… but this is the picture that most accurately demonstrates its length.

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When I wear my hair back in a ponytail, which is more or less every day these days, the Hair Horn sticks up quite a bit on the left side but not so much on the right side. I’ve noticed lately I am sporting the “frazzled mom” look a bit more than I’d like to and even when my unruly hair is back in a ponytail, it seems to creep out and all these little wispy bits flutter around my face and get in my eyes and make nuisances of themselves. Also? Wow, I need to pluck those eyebrows.

So I am thinking about a hair cut. I’d like to find a hair style that combines all the things I want: Hair Horn camoflauge, easy maintenance, no need to flat iron and excessively style it to look good but can occasionally be flat ironed to be all sleek and stuff, can be worn down without getting into my face and driving me crazy, can be worn down without having to blow dry and style it. 

I think this means I need bangs, and a good precision haircut, and although I was happy with my trim from Supercuts, an $8 haircut isn’t really going to win any awards for precision, reliability, or style. It’s a good trim. 

So I am thinking about the medium shag. 

In Style has a little makeover thing where you can upload your picture and then put celebrity hair onto your face and for fun, I put Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair (which I hate) on me:

DUDE that is some ugly hair.

But this is sort of what I am thinking of, except my hair is a bit wavier:

What do you think? What is the solution to my hair issues? I don’t want to just chop it all off and have short hair because that’s not really what I want, although that would make things HELLA easier. But a ponytail every day isn”t the solution either. So what do you guys think?

Last night, I told Ross that I wanted a makeover and suggested he nominate me for a makeover and he said “But I like the way you look.” Can I get an AWWWWWWWWW? Anyway, Happy St Patrick’s Day! I have to go now and get the Irish Stew I am making for dinner on.

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  1. Ok, first, you’re not alone with the new hair growth.

    My doctor was telling me that women get to a certain age and hair will start to sprout from your head and maybe even less friendly places like your chin or sideburn area. (both of which I’ve become fimilar with in the past year)…. the kicker.. it happens regardless if you have any kids or not…

    ok that was SUPPOSE to help you relax… sorry. Failed.

    Your hair cut.
    Inverted Bobs are back in…
    I think you should go with long wispy sweeping side bangs (you can still tie it back) and a 3 layered bob. or longer to just sweep ontop your shoulders.
    non of this blending layers…. just 3 distintively different lengths.

    a few girls here have that and it looks so good… more so they dont have to try, just roll out of bed, maybe the occasional barett and you’re off.
    you can straigten it, curl it, leave it… the bed head will work in your favor. 🙂

    and if you fancy a new colour, I’ve always liked you in a warm darker brown or chestnut.

    Good luck.

  2. I seriously need to take a photo of my hair horns so we can be sisters-in-hair-horns-arms or something. The difference is my hair is curly so I can get them to blend in ocassionally and I have taken to wearing my hair down a lot more to hide them – which works for me. I think the solution for someone with straight (or straight-ish) hair would be to get bangs. I think bangs would look great on you because you have a decent sized forehead (my forehead = tiny). Personally I think too many layers is a bit PITA but that could be the curly hair talking. I’m glad I didn’t get the big chop when my hair was making me mental. Maybe you could do it in steps – start with the bangs and a cut and then get a bunch more layers put in later if you aren’t satisfied.

  3. Good suggestion, Karina, but that’s too short for my liking. I’ve had that hair before and it required a lot of styling to look that good. I have to go militant short or stay long, I think, as my hair is really wavy and annoying.

  4. I agree with Melanie Bangs would do the trick and if you hate it then go a little shorter and try that

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