Dogs and Shopping

It was so gorgeous and sunny yesterday, although according to my crackberry weather service, it was cloudy. After a nice breakfast with some friends, Kale and I had a nice time at the Shiba Meetup yesterday while Ross got to have a ride with his buddies on Seymour. There was actually a record number of shibas, totalling 51 shibas in attendance (the previous record was 38). There was a really high number of puppies, too, for some odd reason, which was a bit disconcerting because that means more people are in lerve with shibas and that means more people are going to be buying bad shibas from pet stores and backyard breeders. Ugh. I’m not going to go off on a big rant right now about why pets from pet stores or backyard breeders are a horrifically bad idea, but ugh, seriously, the more popular a dog becomes, the crappier the breeding seems to get. 

Kale has been getting upset lately at really loud noises – dogs barking aggressively, for example, or really loud trucks passing by as we walk. So I wanted to take him to the meetup so that he could hear a bunch of shibas barking and growling and making their silly shiba noises and perhaps he will get accustomed to “dogs talking”. Eric Jung, the official photographer, got some amazing pictures at the meetup – you can have a look here. 

Mooki, she who is unable to party with all the other shibas because she is a colossal bee-yotch, stayed home and did her impression of furniture: 

From Mooki

Yup, she’s a firecracker, that one.

In other news, I’ve been given the tentative word that Chai By Night has been given the okay for selling at the Royal City Farmer’s Market by Environmental Health, with the official letter apparently to come in the next few days. So now it’s just applying for the market itself. I feel really sort of “reely” about this – this means I’m committing to it, and while I am awesome at idea manufacturing, I am not so awesome at follow through so – WHOA, dude. But it’s time to get serious about coming up with an income. 

* * * * * *

I went shopping the other day with all my gift cards. I bought these jeans, this t-shirt in white, and this tank top in grey and I’d like to give a huge shout out (not) to the 100% unaffected emo teenage boy who “helped” me pick out the jeans: “Oh, I dunno. Sure, I guess I can go find you a smaller size, whatevs. Le sigh.” Seriously, kid, put in the same effort to your job as you do with your artfully crafted, tragically hip spiky hair, and ZOMG! You could be a manager. Or maybe he was the manager. 

I also picked out a total of 8 pairs of underwear and 5 bras from La Senza, but when I got to the till and stood in line for 15 minutes, I was informed that their debit machine and gift card processor were down. So instead, I selected two items that totalled slightly above the value of the gift card, and had them hold those, and then paid for the rest with my Visa. The next day, I went back to pick up the two items I left behind and GUESS WHAT? Their machine was still down. And apparently might be down for the next two weeks because “we don’t know, it’s Bell’s fault that their server is broken”. And apparently it would be perfectly okay if I want to “call in every day and ask if it’s fixed”. Because I apparently have all the freakin’ time in the world to call up stores to see if I can PRETTY PLEASE spend money at their store. OMeffinG. So I came home, found one of the two items on their website and after taxes and shipping, it was just a teensy bit more than my gift card. AND POOF! I never have to shop their again.

Is it just me or is there some sort of new cosmic law that says service is a lost art? Did something magical happen last week when I turned 35 where I now find myself muttering to myself “Freakin’ kids these days”? BLERG. 

Also interesting? WITNESS THE CHANGE THAT BREASTFEEDING HAS DONE TO ME: I am now two full cup sizes SMALLER than I was before, and yet somehow my boobs hang LOWER than when they were that larger size. It must be some sort of new boobie math.

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  1. OMFG I laughed the whole time I read that, I freakin love it! You are so right about service from crummy teenagers! And the last bit about breastfeeding boobies hehee. I said to my sister yesterday…uhm wasn;t I suppose to get “pornstar boobs” with breastfeeding they are still the same small size! Happy Belated, and lastly I heart Mooki:)

  2. My boobs were a C and now they’re a D, and I wish they’d magically go to a perky B when I’m all done.

    Also, be careful which government agencies you deal with regarding income while you’re still on mat leave. If they find out that you’ve got other income (even if it’s just a little), they can make you pay back everything you’re getting. Which would suck big time. 🙁

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