Forget the Chip Bag

Remember Kale’s lerve for the chip bag?

From Kale 3 to 6 months

Yeah, you can forget all about Chippy. There’s a new BFF in town, and its name is DOG DISHES.

From Kale 6 to 9 months

Ask me how many times I have said “not for Kale” so far today? Go on, ask me.

I kid you not – TWENTY FOUR. Holy cow, this is one determined little boy. It’s apparent that his love for DOG DISHES will be everlasting. How many of you have family lore of you or your sibling eating cat/dog food? Well, Kale now has one of those stories ALL HIS OWN. 

Also, here is Kale enjoying his Boon suction cup snack bowl that I bought from Raspberry Kids. Note that not a single photo is NOT BLURRY because Mr. Busy Bee has no time for photo ops these days. Gone are the days when I could put his arms into certain positions and he’s just lie there. Le sigh. 

From Collages

It had his favorite cereal, Nature’s Path Heritage O’s, and a new treat we tried since we got a coupon from Nana, Graduates Puffs in Apple Cinnamon, which are fairly high in fruit sugar so they are a treat only, not a snack. He likes them just fine. 

I need to get off the blog and go finish up the poster I am making for Chai By Night. Oh, also, I finally signed up to sell Usb0rne Books! It’s like Tupperware, but kids’ books! YAY! I was communicating with a woman who was sending me the sign up info each month, and then she stopped, and I thought I must have annoyed her, and then I found out that no, she wasn’t annoyed, she DIED. Wow, did I feel like a jerk. But I hooked up with someone and am now signed up. New adventure!

13 years ago

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  1. I think you guys ate about a 1 lb of dog food each. It works OK less needed for supper. The black dog cookies were the best (according to you guys)

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