Kale loves the swings at the park. They are baby swings and are designed for little wee ones to sit in, like a bucket with leg holes. My girlfriend Lindsay loaned us her video camera a few weeks ago, and I took scads of footage but for some reason, I can’t seem to view it all – something about codecs that are missing and I have no time to go codec-hunting. Impressively, I took the time this week to fix our wireless internet connection – something on the to-do list for about, oh, two months. 

It’s not that I am procrastinator, it’s that I am a prioritizer. And reading blogs, researching articles for Tenth to the Fraser, hanging out on Facebook, and playing “If I Had A Million Dollars” tends to take priority over “slog through lame Windows-based computer blah blah stuff”. 

So, I have all these files, and can’t watch them. Anyway, today Shauna and Bonnie and Kale and I walked to the post office to mail off some chai ($^#*%^@@ Canada Post $*(#*^* expensive), and then hit Starbucks to feed the addiction, and then wandered to the elementary school near us and I remembered my fancy-dancy Blackberry is capable of taking movies so I took a little wee 15 second clip of Mr. Man swinging. Don’t mind Shauna and I talking about former jobs and don’t mind the crap-tastic quality of video.

He lerves the swings, especially when his pal Bonnie is there beside him. Guess which side she was on?

13 years ago