The Evil Box versus Kale. Also, A Cute Picture.

My friend Melanie posted a video of her daughter Moira checking out a product called a SnackTrap. It’s pretty entertaining – Moira more or less figures it out but still complains somewhat pitifully to Melanie about it. I bought Kale a similar product a few weeks ago  but only introduced it yesterday (Product Review forthcoming). Anyway, Ross took this video of Kale the other day. We bought a new frying pan and of course the funnest thing in the whole world is a new box, so we offered it to him. It was apparently fun for a while, but then it bit him on the head and we fell apart.

I have a hard time not laughing at him. 

I also wanted to share this picture of Kale, barefoot, in a t-shirt and shorts. It’s from Monday when it was beautifully warm. We had been outside for almost the entire afternoon and I decided it was time to come in because I was starting to burn. There is something about this picture I really, really like. 

From Kale 6 to 9 months
13 years ago

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  1. First: video is great! Second: I put Moira in pants & a t-shirt the other day and she was standing by her bookshelf and looked like such a toddler! No more baby here (this was on her b-day too so I guess that makes sense). I see that when I look at Kale’s photo – the baby is fast disappearing. Of course, he’s probably taller than Moira the little Moosey Giraffe!

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