Mooki Says Hi

At one point, this may have touched food, ergo, it must be taste-tested, and when found to be lacking in food items, destroyed.

From Mooki

Mooki has been pretty tolerant these days. Not only does she get walked less, she also routinely has things shoved in her face and more or less is the guinea pig for all new items. Can they be used as a weapon? Does it make a noise when you bounce it off someone’s furry face? Only by experimenting can you truly tell. 

From Kale 9-12 months

In that photo, Kale was bopping Mooki on the nose with his new snack trap thingie, and I’ll tell you that Mooki had it figured out in about 30 seconds. Kale, not so much.

So it’s not particularly shocking that when Mooki does something like steal a wooden spoon and chew it into bits, I can’t even be bothered to be mad about it. I kind of feel for her – we joke about how she is filled with hate, and I’ll be honest that I find Mooki’s Mooki-isms HELLA ANNOYING these days. But still, Moo was always a part of our family and still is and somehow (something about a baby or something?) she has been been relegated to low man on the totem. Which is fine, since SHE’S A DOG. But still. Spoiled housedog is now a creature who also happens to live here and there are days when I can feel the resentment emanating from her. 

I’ve been thinking lately about pets post-Mooki, and I’ll be honest, fish are about the most attractive option to me these days. I want something I can chuck food at, enjoy it at my leisure, but otherwise IGNORE and not bother to have to find a pet sitter. But in the meantime, I try and give Mooki some love as much as possible, even when she is shedding like a maniac (like, oh… NOW- ugh) and has recently taken up the habit of sleeping on my couch pillows. 

Anyway, Moo says “hi!” to you all.

From Mooki

Send cheese.

13 years ago