Farmer’s Market

Today I got a phone call that confirmed that Chai By Night has been approved to sell at the Royal City Farmer’s Market this coming year. I’m really excited about this because this means it’s “official” and this is also an excellent test run to determine whether Chai By Night is a real feasible income generating business. The timing is perfect, too. Chai By Night’s appearance at the Farmer’s Market will coincide almost perfectly with the end of my maternity leave pay, and will hopefully contribute enough funds that I will not have to get a “real job” and can stay home with Kale. 

There are some logistical things to work out for the market. I won’t have access to a car, so will have to transport myself, my son, and my gear the 4 blocks to the market site on foot. I also need something somewhat “awning-esque” that is also collapsible, as I need to prepare for the possibility of rain. My space is 6’X6′ so I need to be mindful of that. I also need a chair and will likely just grab one of those folding camp type chairs. I have a table – I found one that rolls up and folds up and gets stuffed into its own little bag and is a mere 8 pounds on Craigslist this weekend.  I also need to start mixing up chai like a mad woman in all my spare time. I also need to prepare a few things for Kale to join me at the market.

Kale will need some sort of confinement item, like a Pack and Play. We have one on loan from Ross’ folks that will fit the bill. It’s fairly heavy though, so if I can find a lighter one so much the better. I also need a wagon to haul all this stuff. 

So this next week I need to look for goodies to get all my ducks in a row. 

It’s very exciting. I’m totally excited. 

I’m also really nervous. Kale normally has an afternoon nap around 3PM, and, since the market is 3Pm to 7PM, I’ll be hauling my stuff and setting up around 1:30 or so. This means I’ll be messing with Kale’s natural normal routines, and while I know he has fallen asleep in my backpack carrier with the sleeping hood drawn, I’ll likely be making a fair amount of noise and a fair amount of jerky movements. I’m not sure that he’ll be able to sleep in my market space in the Pack and Play – it’s likely to be noisy and pretty crazily stimulating. Ross might be able to leave work early on Thursdays and work from home in the later part of the afternoon – so that might be an option. But I actually want Kale to come to the market with me, if possible, so that he is exposed to even more things and gets to experience something with me. I’m sure we will work it out and it will all be fine. But I have visions of a screaming baby scaring customers away, which makes me horribly nervous.

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  1. How exciting!
    Have you considered a double bike trailer/stroller? Something like a Chariot type double, it would fit Kale and a Whole Bunch of stuff. Or, Kale in the backpack and even MORE stuff. AND you could put him down in it (use as pack n play type container). You should be able to find one used…

    1. I checked bike trailers… used I am looking at $300 plus. That’s a big ol NO right now. Mom has a wagon (it’s actually for Kale) and a camp chair that she has offered to me, and I will lash all the goodies to the wagon and carry Kale in the carrier. The wagon has a max weight of 75 lbs. I have a max too, which is likely significantly less. 🙂

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