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There is a significance to that picture that you may not see right away, or at all. It might only be visible to me.

The significance is that Kale is not wearing a onesie. Since he was born, Kale has worn onesies (both long and short-sleeved) and yesterday, with the weather so nice, I dressed him in a t shirt and shorts and no onesie. For some reason, this strikes me as a fairly significant milestone. I don’t really know why, but it was important for me to capture this moment. 

Today Kale is going to get a visit from his Auntie Lindsay, one of my closest girlfriends, who happens to have today off work. I’m hoping the rain stays away as we are going to walk up to the post office and mail a parcel of socks – some of the very last socks – to a customer in Pennsylvania. I couldn’t point to Pennsylvania on a map if I tried. Sometimes I feel really worldly and feel like I am the Knower of All Things, and there are other times when I feel like a untravelled (I am) hick (I’m not) from some fringe of Canada (sort of). 

I leave you with a little movie I threw together, of stuff we filmed over the last two days. The first clip is kinda dark, a fact I didn’t notice till I uploaded it. It’s just some random footage of Kale cruising, banging, bailing, and being licked by Mooki. Oh, and bonus footage of me singing. Gah.


13 years ago


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