Weddings and Ferries

We were over on the Island this weekend past for a wedding in Victoria. Travelling with a kid is a whole different story than travelling footloose and fancy free like we used to be. First, there is the “stuff” that needs to come with you, planning for all possibilities:

  • stroller (and ours is cumbersomely annoying – I really want to upgrade to a smaller, lighter model, but am CHEAP and haven’t found one used yet and won’t buy it new)
  • Pack and Play and two blankets for sleeping
  • basket full of assorted toys
  • bag full of cloth diapers and accessories (and yes! we did cloth all weekend! Go us!)
  • two lunch bags with baby food – the dry goods and the ones that required an isulated bag
  • portable high chair thingie that straps to the chair – this was hugely handy all weekend. 
  • Clothes – short and long sleeved items, pants, sleepers, shorts, socks, two of everything in case he peed through anything
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby toiletries, including his vitamin D drops, his teething tabs, and his toothbrush, none of which were used – oops!

Then a teeny, tiny sack about the size of a postage stamp containing my and Ross’ stuff. All combined, the car was PACKED.

Secondly, travelling with a kid requires a bit more forethought into things like time of ferry and nap times. So we also had made a ferry reservation to ensure there was no waiting Saturday morning. Kale blessed us with an amazing night’s sleep Friday, going to bed at his usual time and sleeping until an UNHEARD of 5AM before wanting to be fed. We were up at 6:30 to get ourselves in order for the 9AM ferry and things proceeded hitch free. The ferry was FULL of a lot of tourists – mostly Asian so whoever said the tourism industry was dying was WRONG-O – and was really busy and overwhelming, but we did manage to spend a bit of time in the kiddie section.


Kale even consented to a nap in my arms at the end of the ferry ride in the car, and then fell asleep for much of the drive into Victoria. 

We visited with his Gran and Great-Gran and got ourselves ready for the wedding ceremony, and took the Grans up on their offer to watch Kale while we attended the ceremony. It was nice not to have the wee man fussing and squirming for the ceremony and I’m thankful that they offered and that I was willing to do it, despite my misgivings that someone would have a hairy conniption fit (he didn’t) about me leaving since someone has been a wee bit attached lately. 

Anyway, we returned from the ceremony and collected the boy and after a nap, took him for a nice but short walk along the water’s edge and then made our way to Vic West where the reception was. He was agreeable to a picnic lunch of cheddar cheese cubes (his new fave) before we wandered in, feeling significantly underdressed. I’ve always believed that the ceremony, especially one in a church, is the part where you are formally attired, but that the reception is a bit more a dress-down affair, and so both Ross and I had changed out of our party clothes and into more casual clothes. So imagine when I walked in to the pre-reception to the reception (they had a small room with appies and a bar that you waited in and mingled until the actual reception hall opened up) and most people appeared to have stepped it up a notch. There was not a single woman not wearing heels and a dress or skirt and there was me, in jeans and wool socks and Ronsonstocks. Oops. 

Anyway, the bride and groom had thoughtfully arranged for a high chair to already be at our table (thanks so much Mike and Helen!) and the wait staff were incredibly nice about finding us a bowl so that we could smush an avocado for Kale’s dinner. Kale was a trouper and didn’t object to being trapped in a high chair for a good long while and he finally started to crack. Ross and I had some awesome moments of Parent Charades where, from the back of the room, Ross motioned to Kale’s butt and then made a face, and I immediately slipped, diaper bag in tow, to meet him and change the boy. From that point on, Kale was more or less DONE and so Ross drove Kale and I back to our friends’ place where we got him set up and asleep a bit later than normal, and Ross headed back to the reception hall. 

Again, he blessed up with a crazy sleep till 4:30 AM this time, and he was none too thrilled about waking up in a strange place, but it was nothing a little nursing couldn’t fix. He slept till about 8AM and after some breakfast for Kale, we three were off again, up Island, to see the parents. We had a short but nice visit and then headed to the ferry. We hadn’t bothered with a reservation because we had no idea what ferry we’d be on to get home. They have those big huge informational LED signs on the highway, which told us the 5PM ferry were were intending on taking was already full, so we continued to Duke Point and took the 5:45PM ferry. It’s a longer ferry ride, but the weather was nice and it was dinner time so we stood in line for food before a brief stop up top where the wind was a-blowing. Ross wanted a good picture of the two of them, and we got two:

It was a great weekend and I was surprised at how well Kale managed, despite his hatred for the car seat.

12 years ago

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  1. awww you missed the Harlem Globetrotters on the Ferry sunday coming from Vic to Vancouver.

    Glad to hear Kale was pleasent the whole weekend.

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