I popped by a plant sale today, held to fundraise for the Fraserside Community Services New Leaf Club. I bought a flat of bedding stuffers for $12 – which was a really good deal – and then with a toonie sitting in my pocket, I bought a single raffle ticket for one of two prizes – a nice wooden planter, or a Biggest Little Garden planter box. These are Biggest Little Garden Planters:


From the Fraserside Community Services website:

The first stage of this program is to provide the means for New Westminster residents living in apartments or townhouses to have access to home grown, fresh vegetables. These three tiered gardens are perfect for balconies or patios. The raised beds also make it easy for people with mobility challenges to access.

Everything is FREE. The containers, soil and plants will be provided. We bring the gardens right to your home. The members of this program just need to provide the locations, water and appetites.

The program was such a smashing success, that Fraserside Community Services applied for, and was awarded, a grant to continue the program, and expand it to more low – income families, and also start selling the boxes to those who could afford them. 

Since the BLGT project won the United Way’s Community Spirit Award, these little gardens have become quite popular.  We have had many people wanting to purchase the gardens.    If you would like to purchase a garden, please contact Diane Cairns at 604 522-3722 (117) or  The cost of each unit (includes 3 boxes, tiered stand and lattice backing) is $175. The gardens are approximately 30″ wide X 50″ high. Please note: Funding for the BLGT will continue to provide low-income families living in New Westminster with FREE gardens.

So the grand prize in today’s raffle was one of those planters. And I guess karma was smiling on me today because I won! YAY! 

I was planning on buying some tomato plants next week for a little planter I was saving for it, but now that I am going to have one of these Biggest Little Garden in Town suckers coming my way (so! excited!) I think I am going to expand my veggie wish list to include: tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, squash / pumpkin, and some herbs. Maybe some others. OY! I am just gleeful. Seriously. 


13 years ago


  1. Make sure you don’t buy tomatoes until it’s warm enuf– they should not be out of the greenhouse until JUNE 1ST! Otherwise, the plant’s energy is all in just survival in the colder temps, and not on developing a good strong root base. I got suckered in one year to buying a big tomatoe plant at costco for 10$, and the thing never produced well. But buying a good quality plant from Christex nursery, and WOW we had a lot of tomatoes!

  2. That planter is AWESOME! I have enough of a yard for the big veggie plants, but am going to do planters for the herbs…wonder if I can find those in herb size…

  3. What a score! I’m so happy for you. I just found out yesterday that I will be getting a spot in the community garden and I am SO EXCITED. I’ve applied a couple times but this is the first time I have been accepted.

  4. Melanie that is great! Congrats!

    So I got the planter today, and it’s actually a miniature version of the big one. HA HA HA HA. Like a garden gnome’s planter. We can still plant lettuce and stuff, and it’s still cool. But not the full size version. I guess when you buy a raffle ticket you should be really sure of what you are hoping to win! LOL

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