Mother’s Day Post

Kale’s latest obsession is grinding his teeth. This noise gives me the heebies to the point where I have found myself stuffing a piece of fabric in his mouth and asking him to chew on that instead. I can’t stand this noise. I am really hoping this obsession is over soon. Seriously. Gah. With his increased mobility, Kale has bailed a few more times than normal, and his face is now a lovely roadmap of bumps, bruises, and scabs. Awesome.  I swear we are not beating our child. He does this to himself. 

In any event, today is Mother’s Day. I sent “the grandmas” cards earlier this week and enclosed these photos, which I have been dying to post but haven’t been able to for fear of spoiling the surprise, but now I finally can!

From Kale 9-12 months
From Kale 9-12 months


This morning, the guys in my life presented me with a card and a box of the fanciest-fancy pants chocolate I have ever had. I almost don’t want to eat them. But don’t worry, I will. We’re going to go for a walk after Kale wakes up and has his lunch, and I’m looking forward to a relaxed afternoon. 

I’m so grateful to have both Ross and Kale. I feel so humbled. Having a son with Ross makes everything in my life make sense. I love being a mama.

13 years ago