Current Obsessions – Mother and Baby Edition

My current obsessions:

  • Gourmet jelly beans, and avoiding the coffee flavoured ones.
  • My thighs – and the increasing space in between them for the first time in my life. Woot!
  • How to take better pictures with our little camera.
  • Whether we should take a vacation during 2010 and rent out our place – I am seeing some going for $3000 a week! That’s more than I made when I was working full time! 
  • Dancing With the Stars, which I am embarrassed about a little bit, but not that much because that’s just who I have become so whatever.
  • Playing “How Much Is It Worth” in my neighbourhood and checking out to see if what I think a house is listed at is what it’s listed at.

Kale’s current obsessions:

  • Sadly, still the Ziplocs. I’ve had to resort to putting all the little ones in a big Ziploc to prevent the confetti-like strewing about of plastic bags that we eventually use to transport or store food. 
From Kale 9-12 months
  • Going outside. Regardless of whether we are wearing pants, shoes… or any clothes for that matter.
  • Touching Mooki, whether Mooki wants to be touched or not. 
  • Bailing into things, thus resulting in scabby noses.
From Kale 9-12 months
  • Putting stuff into stuff. Like:  balls into containers, or blocks into boxes, or suckies into tupperware.
  • Clapping hands together, high fiving, and waving. Sometimes at the wrong time but usually at the right time. 
  • Saying “goyzagoyzagoyzagoyzagoyza” (having expanded from “goygoygoygoy”) when sleepy.
  • Still, dog dishes. Gah. I need to install a force field around them. 
13 years ago


  1. I forgot to comment the other day when I read that Kale has been getting bumps and bruises etc…

    Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks… Seriously.
    Those who have kids…know.

  2. Bumps and bruises . The first of many to come. (and how)
    Love the Zip lock picture. “It’s look mom what I did. Pretty impressive huh. What do you mean you wanted them in a box. How dumb is that, aren’t they are to be used.”

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