Clicking into Place

Things are all clicking into place for me these days. As some of you know, I will be taking on the childcare for Bonnie, my friend Shauna’s daughter, upon Shauna’s return to work. Bonnie will be here three days a week, and I think having her here will be incredibly beneficial for Kale to have his friend with him some days of the week. It’s mutally beneficial both both Shauna and I that I will take on Bonnie, financially speaking. Shauna is slated to return to work at the end of August and her and I have agreed to this on a trial basis with a re-evaluation date in the future. I’m really looking forward to it. 

I’m also going to be at the Farmer’s Market most Thursdays starting June 25th and running till October 8th with my tiny booth for Chai By Night. Although necessity is dictating that I haul all my gear (and Kale) to the market place in a wagon since Ross and I share our car and the market starts before Ross is generally off work, I’ve decided to make this a “thing” – a challenge for Chai By Night to be a low ecological footprint booth at the market. So even if Ross is able to work from home some Thursday afternoons, I will still use my wagon and haul my gear to the market and simply take advantage of Ross being home to perhaps leave Kale behind so I can work the market baby-free. I did a dry run of all the gear in the wagon this weekend and it’s going to work great. I have a few final details to complete for Chai By Night’s participation (along with more chai making!) and one of them is a banner. Originally, I had planned to order a vinyl banner off some internet company for about $50, but since I’ve decided to make this a eco-challenge for me, I’ve also decided I am going to make a fabric banner because vinyl is so icky. I need to find some recycled material that has red stars on it and intend to get to work sewing on that this week. 

I’m in the last few details of going back to my former employer on a part time basis when my maternity leave runs out June 13th. About a month after I left, my boss semi-retired and took on another position within the company. A peer was promoted from within the company to his spot, and so now he’s officially my boss. I like him as he’s very professional, and he and I have been negotiated a part time position that will benefit both my employer and myself, allowing me a fairly flexible schedule a few evenings a week and one weekend day. Working a little bit for my former employer will ensure that Ross and I can afford for me to stay home, plus I don’t feel quite so pressured for Chai By Night and Usb0rne Books to take off in any particular way. 

So things feel good. 

As for Kale (sidenote: I booked our tickets to Calgary, and the ticket reservation agent repeated it all back to me, and she referred to Kale as Master Kale Arbo, and holy cow did that crack me up for some reason – I mean, he’s 10 months old! He doesn’t need a title yet!). Anyway, as for Kale, he just popped another tooth, bringing our total to 5, although I think tomorrow I will be able to post that there are 6 because I can see it RIGHT THERE. He’s become a bit of a vampire lately:


From Kale 9-12 months

I also think – although who knows sometimes – that he’s trying to change to one nap a day so it’s been a bit well…. whiny here lately while we ride this out.  But here is a happy moment (although slightly blurry):

From Kale 9-12 months

I’ve got a couple of blog posts on the back burner, but the weather has been so nice I haven’t yet gotten around to adding photos, editing, etc. And as some of you pointed out, I need to do some template tweaking as more than one of you thought that previous post about mountain biking was written by me for the first few sentences until you realized it was actually Ross.

Also, last night, I thought I’d be HILARIOUS and Kale had an Orange Dinner:

From Kale 9-12 months

From left: grated carrot, stewed carrot, cheese, and sweet potato, plus peach puffs in front.

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