Reduction and Home Renos

So here we are, 7 days into the great experiment known as “reducing our naps to one per day”. Things are going, surprisingly well. As I mentioned, Kale started showing me he was no longer interested in napping twice a day by only having 30-40 minute naps, and by it taking 20 minutes to get him down for said naps. A friend suggested that maybe it was too much sleep for him, so last Monday, we slept in till 9 after a particularly teethy night, and I entertained him and kept him intrigued until noon. He slept for an hour and was a snap to get to sleep. The rest of the week was similar, except his sleep got longer and longer and longer and on Thursday, he pulled a 2 and a half hour nap (say what?). 

He’s tired – really tired – by bedtime – but again it’s a snap to get him to sleep, with no arguments and fighting and each day we continue with this routine he seems less and less tired at bedtime, and more willing to nurse and sleep. In fact, he’s downright cheery and excited about it. This week is just a continuation of the same and I hesitate but am ready to say that I think Mr. Pants is down to one nap permanently. 

As a result of reducing the naps, he’s also reduced the number of times he nurses, but he seems to have picked up the slack and simply nurses more at each feeding. 

Ross and I have been busy little beavers here on the homefront as well. We installed new lighting over the mantle, over the dining room table, and in the kitchen this week. When we moved in, all three fixtures did not match, and it has driven me crazy for a long long long time. We finally picked out some matching lights (the ones we selected are the silvery-pewter colour) from a great lighting store called S & N Lighting in Burnaby – we highly recommend them. WE got a monospot for over the mantle, a 2 foot track and two spots for over the dining room table, and a 4 foot track with 4 spots for the kitchen. And holy cow are these bright. It’s like a prison yard at nighttime in here.

I also cleaned the carpets Saturday with a borrowed carpet cleaner, and while not perfect it is a significant improvement. You can only clean 7 year old carpet so many times, right? The high traffic areas are simply getting worn, and when we decide to list this place, we will likely install new carpets then. For now, cleaning has at least satisfied my mild germophobia for the time being. 

There are two more projects on our spring home reno list, although it’s likely summer will arrive before we complete those projects. We need to fill holes and paint our entire house, and it’s something that has been on our agenda for a while. We picked up paint a while back when Rona was having a big sale, so it’s just a matter of doing. And we also want to re do the bathroom and install tiles with radiant floor heating. 

We’ve been gardening up a storm lately, and I am probably going to indulge in a little green terrorism and make some seed bombs to toss into empty lots around town. I have to pick up seeds for that. 

Kale has discovered he loves gardening because a) he can eat dirt, and b) he can get dirty. 

I love this weather, it makes me smiley and cheerful and makes me want to find patches of grass under big trees and have picnics, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing every couple of days with Kale. The other day I realized I have not yet had my first slurpee of the summer (the shame!) and so oddly, I’ve actually written that down on my weekly to-do list, along with “pick up seeds” and whatever other mundane things on my list. Summer just makes me happy.

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  1. Tell me how you make up seed bombs – I’d love to join your guerilla movement in New West!



  2. Sounds like things are moving along nicely. Glad a pattern is happening in the sleep department. It will all come together. You did. (Eventually. ha ha)

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