Oh Dudes

Okay so I gotta make this brief as there is a big, ugly pile of work calling my name. The secret I’ve been keeping is that I just accepted a position as the Operations Manager for the Royal City Farmers’ Market, the local farmers’ market here in New Westminster. The previous operations manager is very ill and unfortunately had to resign. A friend (hi Will!) recommended me for the position, I was interviewed by the board, and was voted in last night at the meeting. 

I have so much work to do – the first market in in 3 weeks and there are many things not completed that should be – and as a result, you are going to see very few posts from me, unless they are little one-offs I manage to squeeze in. But the money is definitely welcome at Chez Arbo since my mat leave runs out in a few weeks, and since I’m only going back to my former employer part time one or two short shifts a week. 

It means that Ross is Chief Kale Caregiver from the second he gets home – which he is only too happy to do –  and it means that I hope and pray for more 2 hour naps during the day. A lot of this job is phone work or emailing and it will be gangbusters for the next month and then settle down once the market is up and running. 

But I am so excited! There are elements of super anal retentive organizational skills – which is my chief skill – and elements of creativity. I also love that they are a non-profit and by creating a fabulous market, I’m contributing to my local community. 

I do have to hire a person to run my chai booth at the market – and so my idea of a low carbon footprint booth is likely out the window. But we need the money and the fact that they accept that I can still have my chai booth is great. 

I love life these days. A friend recently remarked that my life seems pretty perfect these days, and you know what? She’s so right.

12 years ago


  1. I’m so proud of you! I love that everything is falling into place. Congrats!

    I agree with Karina, having known you for sooooo many years, to see your powers used for good and not evil, you’ll bee even MORE powerful now!

    What out world!!!

  2. That’s great! This is perfect job for you! Will you only start taking in income once mat leave is over? Or will you keep the income a secret from the MAN so you can get both mat leave and a paycheck?

  3. My mat leave us done next week and i’m allowed to make 150 a week, and so I won’t be making more than that this week. I get paid monthly by the market as a contractor.

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