1. Totally awesome Good Job Kale!. Now your mommy is in for it. If she thinks you got into a lot when you were crawling look out now. Here you come!!!!! The tomato facial reminds me of someone else that felt spagetti sauce works just as well (Mucky face)lol

  2. Looks like Kale is going to enjoy his new freedom, so watch out! And congrats on your new job – awesome!!
    And thanks for your tribute to single moms, Jen. There are many single moms, who through unforeseen circumstances find themselves parenting alone. My daughter is one of them. She deserves a lot of credit – she has raised two boys over the last 9 years and has spent the last 9 years going to school, raising kids, and working, and has just received her Masters degree in education, and…more importantly, her 11 and 13 yr old boys are responsible and well adjusted.

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