Hi! Long Time No Post

Hi there! Been a while, hasn’t it? Listen, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve just been really busy. I didn’t mean to neglect you, but I guess I did, and I’m sorry. To make up for it, I am going to post an ASSAULT on your senses.

First – the market. Oh man, things are great. We had the Mayor, a cannon, a piper, a gajillion kids and pets… it was awesome. I love my job. I posted pictures to the Royal City Farmers Market’s page on Facebook and also linked it on my profile.

Second – the boy. Well, remember how we posted that little video of him walking the other day? And how he was all stumbly and tentative? Yeah, well, uh…. he’s pretty much running now. Holy cow. We are having a birthday soiree for him next weekend (ZOMG!) and I am stunned at how fast he moves.

Here’s a cute video of him displaying something he has learned:

Today, we took some time out and went for a family adventure. We wanted to go to Point Roberts to test out our passports and so I could buy Red Vines, but we arrived and there was a 30 car lineup to cross the border so we u-turned and headed to Centennial Beach. Weirdly, randomly, we ran into Ross’ cousin Nicole, her husband Paul, and their two munchkins Noah and Theo. Kale got to check out the ocean for the first time and also got some naked baby time in the sand.

From Kale 9-12 months
From Kale 9-12 months

Exciting news in our world as well – Kale’s Uncle Erik, Ross’ brother, and his girlfriend Andrea, are now engaged! I’ve been calling Andrea Kale’s “aunt” for ages but now it will be official and I get another sister in law! YAY! I am SO EXCITED. Kale also gets a cousin because Andrea has a 8 year old boy, Liam.

Now that the first market is under my belt, I suspect things will get back to normal around here. PHEW!

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  1. Congrats go out to my brother Erik and his now fiance Andrea; we couldn’t be happier for them.

  2. Frick he is cute! I cannot wait to meet him at Christmas (and to see you too & meet Ross of course but really – it’s all about Kale these days no?)

    We are trying to teach Moira how to safely get down too except our bed is a little higher than yours and I suspect Kale is taller than Moira so it is still a little hard for her.

  3. YAY to being sister-in-laws! I love you guys so much and am super excited about being part of the family!

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