Circumnavigating the Infant Globe

Whew! Well, here we are at one year.

One year ago today, Kale was placed into my arms after being unceremoniously removed from my womb-region. There was a pause after the removal and before the placement as he and I were separated, but Ross got to take Kale up to our room and have some time alone. I often wonder what happened in that hour – what Kale and Ross thought of each other, how long Kale was awake. I know what I was doing (see also: puking from IV drugs for 17 hours), but I often wonder how tentative and tender that hour must have been for Ross.

I’m amazed at all that has happened this past year, and I’m refraining from writing some sort of nostalgic summary entry because I’m so stupidly busy these days and hey – you can read all about it in the archives. But here’s where we are: Kale’s walking like a pro. He’s making wordy sounds but no words yet. He has 6 teeth and more on the way – seemingly constantly these days, which is my only real grumble. He has figured out what hugging is, a fact that makes my heart sing. I love watching him learn and figure things out. Here’s where we will be soon and I can’t wait: talking. Forming opinions. Hearing him say he loves me. I can’t WAIT for that one.

We had a photo shoot with a blossoming photographer recently, and I was hoping to post some pictures in this entry from that shoot, but unfortunately they aren’t ready yet. So here’s some pictures from the party we had Sunday for him where he got ridiculously spoiled and ate cupcakes and partypartypartied, and also bailed hard enough to draw blood for the first time. Only fitting, right?

From Kale’s First Birthday Party
From Kale’s First Birthday Party
From Kale’s First Birthday Party

I’ll post the other photos when I get them, and I’ll also be posting our 1 year family photo as soon as Kale lies still long enough for Ross and I to get a good picture of him, which is apparently never these days.

We survived! We did it! Seriously, I cannot believe how much I love being a mom. Anything I can do to make sure I get to stay at home with him… I’m doing it. Kale Pants, you’ve made me complete.

13 years ago


  1. Hard to put into words what that hour felt like. I was overwhelmed with joy and, at the same time, sad that Jen wasn’t there to share it with me. I mostly held Kale or put him down on his back on the bed and we just stared at each other. I talked to him non-stop in one long, run-on sentence; geezlookatyou,you’rethebestthingever,Iwishyourmomwashere….It was incredible.

    Happy birthday to my son!


  2. I know Kale had a wonderful birthday. How could he not with such special parents. He is blossoming into an amazing little boy. I can’t wait till he can talk to me on the phone and I can call him to wish him Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and all those wonderful “Happy this or that” days. It will be so great. I had a lovely time at his birthday and He was an excellent guest of honour. I remembered well his arrival. When I held him for the first time and got into trouble with the nurses cause I carried him out of the room and not wheeled him out in his cradle, Oh well it won’t be the last time, I am sure, he and I will push the envelope and am looking forward to that time. Happy First day of your 2nd year. Love Nana and Grampa

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