I have a friend, Harry, who was our photographer at our wedding. Harry is a great photographer, who captures some amazing candid shots at our wedding, including shots like this one:

From Wedding Photos to Get Printed

Or this one:

From Wedding Photos to Get Printed

 In any event, Harry took one of the first great pictures of Kale. Like any new parents, Ross and I took about eleventy gazillion photos of Kale when he was nothing more than a blob of baby that did nothing but be cute and lie there and blink at the LIGHTS and the ACTION and the NON-WOMB he was in. Harry took this picture:

From Kale – 0-3 months

Since Kale’s become decidely… mobile, the amount of pictures we take has decreased a hundred fold. Primarly because ever single shot I take is blurry with our ghetto Sony camera. Ross’ work camera, a lovely little point and shoot Nikon, tends to take good pictures, but it goes to work with him and so all the cuteness I try and capture of film every day is blurry. if its not blurry, he is not doing anything especially interesting. A recent outtake:

From Kale 1 Year to 18 months

In any event, my friend Shauna had a photo shoot done with Linda and Wally from WLK Photography a while back, and she told me that Linda and Wally were still looking for subjects to add to their portfolio of baby pictures. While I realize the Canadian Baby company is a pretty popular type of photo for babies, I don’t really care for them. I find their weird props and creepy poses too… adult. Different strokes, different folks and all that. Anyway, so after seeing the nice shots of Bonnie, I contacted Linda and asked about a photo shoot. She was still looking for subjects, so I signed us up for a free shoot and in June, a few weeks before Kale’s first birthday, we had a shoot at one of my very favourite places in New Westminster, the Japanese Friendship Gardens. This is actually one of the places I considered getting married at before we chose to have the wedding on the Island.

In any event, here is my favourite as a result of that shoot:

From WLK Photography

And here is a slideshow of them all:

If there are any photos you’d like a print of, I’m going to be ordering some 4X6s from London Drugs, and a few larger higher quality ones from Wally and Linda. Just let me know if you want me to add something to your order.

And it should be noted that Harry (twitter is @harrypehkonen) is available for hire as s photographer if you need one for an event, and I’ll be asking him to photograph Kale some more sometime soon.

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  1. Holy adorable, Batman. I never realized until I saw a few of you and Kale together how much he looks like you. Now I wish I was local so I could have Harry photograph my little guy! (Among other reasons, of course!)

  2. I really need to get some good photos of the three of us but Mister really hates getting his photo taken so I’m left to taking photos of Moira myself – and the result is there are few of us all together. One of these days I’m going to have to put my foot down. I wonder if Linda & Wally are still looking for baby photo subjects.

    And yes – getting a non-blurry photo of Moira these days is freaking hard – which is why the Daily Moira ( is full of crap shots these days.

    1. I know a lot of people who really like Canadian Baby. It’s just not my thing, and honestly kind of creeps me out a tiny bit. When I found out how they prop up the baby and then madly run to the camera and fingers crossed they don’t fall over? That kind of creeped me out too. But I know a lot of people really think they are cute.

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