Kale Meets Ketchup

We’ve been eating bullet shaped minced potato pieces (IE: knock off brand Tater Tots) lately, and the last of the package was getting a bit freezer burnt tasting. I decided it was high time to try what I consider to be the tomato sin, ketchup.

Now, I’ve hated ketchup a long , long time. Ketchup belongs on hot dogs only (which are already nasty and if you choose to eat a hot dog you might as well add in ketchup), and occasionally fries. But people who slather all of their food in ketchup amaze me – not only are they eating NASTY sugar filled BLECK, but it doesn’t even taste like tomatoes! But Ross likes it, occasionally a guest will request it, and so I begrudgingly keep it in our fridge. When this container is out, I’m planning on making my own so that I can make it less sugar, more tomato.

But to make this container run out, we need to eat it.

And freezer burnt bullet shaped minced potato pieces seem like a  good way to try and use up the tomato sin.

And I am super disappointed to report that Kale LOVES ketchup. Ross will be thrilled.

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9 years ago


  1. Haha, I’ve never known anyone to hate ketchup before! Kale probably loves it because it’s full of sugar. Ash still isn’t even allowed to have it! 😉

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