Hello, I'm cute even with my scabby nose
Hello, I'm cute even with my scabby nose

Growing up, one of my few nicknames was the endearing “Mucky Face”. (Thanks Mom!) I’m sure you can guess how I got it. Apparently I was a large fan of beets. When I turned 18? 19? 20? my mom made me an angel food cake (my favourite) with boiled icing and got those sugared candy letters and wrote “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUCKYFACE”. I have also been called, among other things,  in no particular order: Smurfette, Niffer, Basher (after Donald Brashear, a professional hockey player known for some goonisms that I shared my uniform number with), and Ruggie (as in Rugrat (thanks Jim!)). There are some others, but those are some of the highlight reel.

Kale is also a nickname collector, and we call him by various names and make up silly songs but Kale Pants in the most common. One of his birthday cards was actually addressed to Mr. Kale P. I started singing a song that goes to the tune of the Clapper Jingle when he was just a wee little blob of a thing and it I still sing it to this day and it goes something like this:

Kay-el (clap clap).  Of the Pants. (clap clap). Kay-el of the Pants. Kalepants. (clap clap).

Fun, no? Original and creative, no?

Things here are winding down at Chez Arbo for the nuttiness and craziness that has occured all summer long. Tomorrow night I am going out on a date, not with my husband, but with my best gal Lindsay and we are headed to a Canucks Pre-Season game. Back in the day when I was a Hockey Hooligan, I used to have an “ice pack” of tickets of 10 games and I used to get completely pissed up and be stupid and drunk and shout all sorts of mean things at opposing teams. I actually had a “HABS SUCK” t shirt made up for a particularly anticipated hockey game. Funny how the gal I used to go to the games with and I are both mothers, mellow, and definitely not the pissed up hockey hooligans we were. Can’t say I love the game any less, though, so I am STOKED about going tomorrow night with Linz to see the Canucks versus the Oilers. Yay for free tickets.

I’ve also got a jammed day – picking up grain, bank appointments, viewing a bicycle I may just buy myself (my requirement for a bike is HUGE COMFY SEAT and not much else), picking up cinnamon sticks and throwing together a batch of chai, picking up some stuff for the market, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. But I feel like I have day off.

I’m really enjoying babysitting Bonnie – watching the two of these goobers together is fun and the days go by quickly but by day’s end I am B-E-A-T and need rest. I wish every day had 26 hours. Truly.

Here’s something to make your day better. A few weeks ago we had this rehearsal dinner for my brother in law and his fiance (who are now married!) and my mom in law made this KILLER YUMMY cake that she referred to as UBC cake which everyone in the Arbo clan apparently knew about except me and I feel that my life has been cheated. This cake makes me cry its so yummy.   Um, hello, Awesome, won’t you stay a while?

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