Poop Party

A few days ago, Kale pooped on the potty. We aren’t actively trying to potty train him, but I picked up a potty some time ago and it just lives in the bathroom beside our toilet. I had hoped that familiarity would NOT breed contempt; rather, I was hoping for Kale to become familiar with the potty so that when the time does come where we are actively trying to potty train him, it’s not a frightful and scary thing.

In any event, we were getting ready for a bath so both of us were getting naked, and he made the familiar pooping face so I happened to be right beside the potty and plopped him on it and there it was! I called Ross, and we had a major poop celebration and for a minute there I was like “seriously? This is what my life is about?” and then I was like “hell yeah it is.”

It was more by luck and fluke but there it was – the poop nugget in the potty and Kale proud of himself patting his naky little belly smiling big as could be while his Mama and Daddy shouted and celebrated and praised him. Does he have any clue why we were having a party? No. But it de oesn’t matter. He pooped on the potty and it was a party.

Today Kale and I are going to look at a bike for sale in Vancouver from craigslist. I hate bike riding at the best of times but one day Kale might love it so I just need to get over myself and get a bike. It’s a big old beach cruiser and the primary selling feature I’m interested in is the ginormous seat. It also has a big basket and is a price I’m happy paying. So Kale and I are off on an adventure and I just spent about 40 minutes trying to finangle the silly car seat into my mother in law’s vehicle (we’re borrowing while she’s on vacation) and I’m exhausted now. Kale is watching a few minutes of Mamma Yamma while I get ready.

The things we do for our kids.

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    I can remember all my neices and nephews getting to this stage and it is very much something to celebrate!

    Happy dance!

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