First Night Out

Kale’s been left before in the capable hands of his Gran, who either hung out while he slept or entertained him upon his awakening. And he’s also gone for a playdate with Shauna and Bonnie, but in both circumstances we’ve done the duty of putting him to sleep and the sitter’s only task has been to either change the odd diaper or keep him entertained, or entertain themselves while he sleeps.

Last night was the first night Ross and I went out together, without Kale, and left him in the very capable hands of a babysitter to put him to sleep. My friend Krissy, whom I trust explicitly, came over about 5:30, and by 5:45 Ross and I were out the door – sprung! – to our friends who were also childless for the night and we had ADULT CONVERSATION that didn’t involve having to talk over a screeching toddler, and didn’t involve having to spring off the couch to save said toddler from certain doom.

As is the way, we spent the first 20 minutes talking about our children, much to the chagrin of the childless couple who was also joining us, but soon settled into topics of conversation from our  days pre-Kale: air cooled versus water cooled Volkswagens, wine, scotch, food, restaurants, funny You Tube videos, and other countries. It was one of the nicest nights I’ve had in a while and was much needed, as this past week can be summed up thusly:

Kale is settling into his new position as Patience Tester quite nicely.

Ugh. Toddler burn out, I has it. Kale is reaching a lovely stage where he hits people or Mooki with his toys or books primarly because he wants to see what sort of reaction he gets. It’s so tempting to SHOUT at him (oh my god is it tempting) but not only is that pointless, but that is actually the type of thing that will prolong this phase because shouting is a fun reaction. It’s also not terribly hard to imagine his glee when he hits Bonnie and she begins to cry.

I’m also getting so DONE with the way that Kale needs to be put to sleep and I just keep wishing that this freaking stage of his life would just MOVE ON. I feel like we’ve been in some sort of stasis – he’s doing all the same things he was doing four months ago and not a whole lot of new stuff. It’s been easier, in a way, to take some of the more challenging moments when you had something to blame it on – teething, learning to walk, learning to crawl, etc – but when it’s basically just status quo around here for four months, I feel a little lost when I’m challenged by behaviours, like there’s no parental reward. And yes, the love of my child is reward enough blah blah blah, but sometimes I just wish Kale would start talking so that I can say to myself “ah, so that’s why he’s been so difficult to get to sleep lately” or “ah, so that’s why he’s been an a-hole lately” but instead we are in a mind numbing stretch of sameness and quite frankly, I am longing for the next stage.

In other more cheerful news, however, Ross and I have recently made the decision to stay in New Westminster. We both like it here, and although moving to the Island would mean so many great things, we’ve decided the job prospects for Ross are not really there, and as a single income family, that’s an important factor, and so here we will stay. Staying here also means we need a bigger house because 978 square feet simply isn’t cutting it anymore when you have a busy toddler (two on some days) and are here ALL DAY. Sure, you can always go for a walk, but despite our incredible summer and autumn weather, winter is coming, and there will be many days where a walk isn’t a “fun” activity.

I’ve always loved speculating on houses for sale – how much they are worth, how much they will sell for, and their intangibles like stories from previous owners. So I’ve always trolled and I’ve always kept my eyes out for bargains in our neighbourhood. But it’s exciting now because I can actually house hunt for something we just might buy and live in. WHEE! We’re ideally looking for a character home we can renovate and add value to, but something that we can move into and not worry about the house falling down around us (see also: toddler).  So stay tuned because hey, I might just talk about something besides Kale on this blog while the search is ongoing, things like preparing our townhouse for sale by painting, tiling, and installing new carpet, or things like how on earth can people possibly believe their 1000 square foot poohole of a house is worth $899,000.

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  1. Take out Kale’s name and insert Moiras and I could have written this post. Well, except for the part where we got a night out with other adults (or together). Also can’t write about the house hunting bit just yet but hopefully I will be able to within the next year because I’m am so not looking forward to this apartment this winter after the cabin fever I had last year. Grumble grumble grumble. Life is pretty good right now that Moira is properly digesting her food again so I shouldn’t complain too much. But I’m tired so I will.

    I hope you and Ross get another night out together soon – I think those are important and it sounds like you had fun.

  2. How did the bedtime go for the sitter? If it went well for her and Kale; perhaps it’s time for a little “sleep training” for you and Ross!! 🙂

  3. It went “okay”. She followed my instructions as to how we do it and said it went okay, but that it basically went the way I described it would go.

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