The End of an Era

I’ve been wearing nursing bras for 15 months now, and after experimenting briefly with different styles, settled on Warner’s Baby N Me Style # 1100. It’s cotton, comfortable, reasonably priced (about $25), available everywhere that sells Warner boxed bras, and pretty utilitarian. I own five of them – three in natural, and one each in white and black. It hit me this weekend that it seems really pointless to wear a shapeless, unflattering, blasé, cotton bra day in and day out when Kale is only nursing once in the mornings as we wake up, and when I’m not even wearing a bra.

I sense Kale is almost done with nursing – the one session we have is so brief and I feel like I’m the one to initiate it because I pull him into my lap and get him latched on and going. He never asks for milk in reference to me, and when he does ask for milk, he’s refering to his orange sippy, reserved for homo milk.

So this past weekend, in addition to shopping for jeans, I also bought myself some comfy everyday bras. Breastfeeding has changed my breasts – they are smaller (and will likely get even smaller when Kale weans fully) and softer. Ross bought me a gift card to La Senza for Valentine’s Day, and while appreciated, the experience shopping at that establishment isn’t one I want to repeat. Plus, truth be told, the $150 worth of bras I bought? They kind of dig into me if I wear them for more than a few hours. They are “going-out” bras, I suppose. So I was looking for reasonably priced, soft, neutral coloured bras that were COMFORTABLE.

I ended up with a clearance Warner bra and panty set in a really awesome coral colour, and then two from the Silk Magic collection of Elita Lingerie – comfy, neutral, and they were on sale for $14. Beat that, La Senza.

Still, as I pulled all my nursing bras out of my drawer, I felt the need to take a picture of them and mark the end of this era. While its not the end of nursing, I feel like things have changed again.

12 years ago


  1. I have nursing bras and tops, but rarely wear them. Just hoist it all up and go for it.
    Even nursing once or twice a day keeps the antibodies and momma goodness going. Especially with swine flu and the like, I think it’s best to keep nursing for as LONG as possible, for the resistance to viruses, if not the brain building. 😉

  2. yay for shopping! Pretty bras again!
    As much as a drag it is to shop for these, in the end it’s great!

    Hope you find many more deals!

  3. I only had two nursing bras, one I lost when Ash was 10 months old, and the other I just recently threw out, even though I hadn’t used it as a NURSING bra in months. I’ve tried to find some bras that are my size recently, but to no avail. I’m going to have to go to one of those specialty stores to try to find out what size I really am. My boobs have definitely changed, they’re much softer. I don’t know if they’re droopier than they used to be, but the skin feels way different.

    Outside of nighttime, Ash never nurses anymore, and I feel that if he starts sleeping better at night, he may be done too. 🙂

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