Excuses, Excuses

I feel like a broken record writing a blog post whining about my computer but hey, guess what, IT BROKE AGAIN. Gah. I’m so sick of it. And every time we throw a bit of money at it, and it works happily for a while, and then something else requires another bit of money and on and on and on it goes.

I’m using a borrowed laptop and its dreadfully late, but I wanted to post to simply say “I’m alive, we all are. I just have no dang computer to write witty banter on.”

A quick update: Kale popped a molar (finally!) and has been Mr. Drooly Pants this past week. I suspect from his mood that there are more teeth coming. See also: moodswings a-plenty. It seems that not much bothers Kale, except teeth. Also, dare I say it, he’s been sleeping well at night lately, sleeping till 0430 or 0630 aside from a few wake up resets. Although, it takes upwards of an hour to get him to sleep which is new and tiring on so many levels.

But we are good. And have been productive painting and tiling and all sorts of other house related updatery. I promise a full post to celebrate the return of my dead computer complete with pictures of excting things like PAINT! and TILE! and ROSS WORKING HARD PAINTING!

12 years ago

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