Big Steps

The other day we met with a very nice man who is going to become our listing agent to sell the townhouse. I’ve mentioned it before that Ross and I have really outgrown this space, but now we have gotten serious and have started the steps to move on. I like our place – it’s really served the purposes we had in mind when we picked it. But with Kale the busy bee he is, and storage now at a break point and both Ross and I in need of spaces to pursue our hobbies, we are simply pushing the limits of what our townhouse can offer.

So, we went to the bank. I was worried that because I’m a contract worker part time, and a stay at home mom the rest of the time, that the bank would laugh in our faces and tell us to eat dirt. They didn’t – in fact we’ve been offered a fabulous rate and the right amount of mortgage to find a house we can afford. We also started gussying up the townhouse, and have installed ceramic tile in our bathroom and have almost finished painting the whole place. We picked some lovely neutral colours, but not 100% boring, and with only one more room to finish painting, we are nearing done. I’ve been slowly picking up some items for staging when the time comes, and plan to spend a few bucks outfitting the bathroom with fresh and clean items like a new shower curtain and new towels. I also started to select items that are going to “go away” for a visit with a storage locker to make this place look bigger.

One of the final pieces of the puzzle is the realtor, and after interviewing a few possible candidates, we picked the one that I simply liked the most and the one who I had a conversation with, not sat there and listened while I was told how awesome he / she was. They all offer something a little different – one offers professional photos, another offers free home stagers… but the fact is that they all cost us basically the same amount so it’s about which one we like the best. So we picked Greg and Liz Holmes (although Liz just had a baby the other day so its not likely we’ll see much of her and that’s just fine) and the other night Greg stopped by and we filled out most of the paperwork.

It feels a little surreal. A little overwhelming. But it’s time.

12 years ago


  1. Onward and Upward. Like you said it’s time. Good luck in your sale and finding a great place for my grandchild, and you guys of course.

  2. Sorry! But Queensborough is off my radar. Hardly any amenities if you don’t have a car, and shady shady transit service. I’m not convinced that Q-bro is for us.

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