Books and Movies (and an anecdote about being sick)

I hardly ever have the chance to read these days. If Kale is napping, I’m likely plopped directly in front of the computer working for the market, or researching / writing for either this blog or Tenth to the Fraser. But my recent computer woes forced my hand and I managed to read The Meaning of Night, by Michael Cox. I picked this book up for $2 at the thirft shop, and the spine was hardly cracked. I really enjoyed it, although it was the type of book that gets quite complicated with characters and history and plot, and if you put it down for more than a week or so, you might need to go back and re-read the last few pages to refresh your memory. The ending was disappointing but in a good way. I truly expected the main character to have attained what was being led up to the whole story through, and so when the outcome was unexpected, it left me, as a reader, a bit shocked, and I quite like that when that happens.

I’m now reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, on loan from my friend Will, although Will tells me he doesn’t want it back because it’s “too scary.” It’s post-apocalyptic, sad, depressing, and yet, I find myself totally mesmerized. I can’t stop reading it. It’s a fast read, and it’s depressing the hell out of me.  Ive also read on Wikipedia that the book has spawned a movie (duh, of course) due out at the end of November, and I’m of mixed minds about movies from books. On one hand, I love watching a movie and comparing it in my head to see if it was like what I imagined while reading, and on the other hand, sometimes staring at a screen and simply watching a good visual is good enough to unwind. My rule is that if I intend to watch the movie AND read the book, the book comes first. But, a book like this would be visually interesting, so at the very least I want to watch the movie on Video On Demand at some point.

Also due out at the end of November, the stop motion animation of my most favouritest children’s book evar: Fantastic Mr. Fox (additional cool link here with more trailers and info). I *heart* this book. This is a book that touches my soul. Once, many moons ago, when I was attending The-Community-College-Formerly-Known-As-Malaspina I took a class in which we discussed the Super New Internets and how that would affect books and I remember becoming very paranoid that by the time I had kids, printed books would no longer be available and we would be well along the path to Hell in the Handbasket, and so I set upon the process of obtaining my favouritest stories and they are:

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • The Borrowers
  • The entire Donna Parker series
  • The Winnie the Pooh stories

Anyway, so to see a trailer for my favouritest book evar being yet another one turned into a movie, well, my heart was SINGING. Let me tell you. Also: George Clooney as the voice of the Fantastic Mr. Fox? Uh, hello, double plus awesome. In case you’ve not read the book, or can’t gather from the trailer, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a lá Oceans Eleven (Twelve, Thirteen) and so it’s fitting, I say, for the voice to be done by a Oceans star. Also: stop motion? Shut up already, singing heart!

* * *

Anecdote from today for you: Kale has had a cough for a few weeks – a nice juicy cough that appears to be settling into his chest a bit more. His nose is a fountain of snot, and his buddy Bonnie went to the clinic early in the week with similar symptoms and was prescribed antibiotics fora chest infection. I wasn’t super worried and have been just monitoring him. I actually thought he was on the mend until yesterday when he popped a mild fever yesterday and we had a horrific night. I called our province’s much touted 8-1-1 Health Line and was on hold for 30 minutes. The nurse was great, although I could hear her disapproval when she asked if we were planning the H1N1 vaccine and I replied that no we weren’t, and after some symptom checking, she advised us to monitor him for up to another 72 hours and if there is no improvement, to pop by the walk-in. I don’t totally trust the cheap underarm thermometer we have, and after Kale fell asleep in my arms in the middle of the morning, I thought that perhaps we’d pop down to the walk in clinic regardless to take his temperature and reassure me that the cough has not developed anything in his lungs that required intervention like his pal Bonnie. I suspect that what’s going on is a cold, plus he’s teething, but reassurance is a good thing. Anyway, so after he woke, we bundled up and stepped out into the crazy wind we are having and went down to the closest walk in clinic. I need to stop here to say it was 11:30AM. We arrived at the clinic to find a sign taped to the door: The doctor has seen his daily limit of patients, so we are closed. Please come back tomorrow. They open at 9AM. That means in 2.5 hours, the doctor saw his daily limit. Seriously. Wow. Anyway, tonight I am going to buy a better thermometer. People sure are scared these days and the fear is contagious.

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  1. Hi–sounds like you’ve got your hands full with your little one (I’ve got twin two and a half year olds, so I am with you, lol)…but I was doing a websearch looking for 100% wool socks–and it brought up your post from last fall. I know it is unlikely, but do you still have any? I looked for your email address, and couldn’t find it to contact you, unfortunately…lol.

    If you do, great, I’d love some! I’ve been looking all over the place for some good ones…and I’m praying you’ve still got some lying around looking for a home..
    If not, well, I’ll keep looking..sadly… 🙁

    My feet are cold. Help! 🙂

  2. Since we’ve moved here and I’m not longer selling Usborne or doula-ing, I’ve actually been making time to read fiction! It’s been so long. Loved The Road. Just finished Handle With Care, which was also compelling. Currently into The Memory Keepers Daughter. I’ve done the same thing with buying up all my childhood faves, even into ones like Island of the Blue Dolphins, A Wrinkle in Time… I hadn’t heard about the Fox movie until last week but funnily enough we listened to it on CD for the two-day drive down to SC! My eldest LOVES it. Movie, hoorah. 🙂

    Hoping Kale’s chesty thing clears up soon (and, for a better night tonight!)

  3. k I’m totally commenting on every post on your blog so don’ tthink I’m a stalker. I just forget to keep up with people and so I do it in one go.

    I didn’t even finish this post because I do believe you are reading my old copy of The Road! I forced it into Will’s hands and made him read it because I loved it so much. SUCH a good book – totally scary, emotionally gripping, but it was a beautiful thing as well. I cried!! but such a good book. Made me want to write even more.

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