Albertan Phone Scams

I’ve had a few phone calls lately on our house line, most originating from Alberta, that don’t leave messages. I haven’t answered these calls for a variety of reasons – either I wasn’t available or I wasn’t home or I saw a number I didn’t recognize and simply didn’t feel like talking to people I didn’t know.

I am registered on the national Do Not Call list, I registered myself within a few days of hooking up a land line, knowing full well that random dialers would find me. And yet, I regularly get calls from people who aren’t supposed to be calling me. No, I don’t want a better rate on my credit card, no I don’t want a subscription to Canadian Geographic (who already sold all my information when I got their magazine for free by donating through my bank), and no, I don’t want information about a new and exciting business opportunity. I don’t want registered charities calling me either although I recognize that they’re allowed to- if I choose to donate, which I do regularly on my own, I’ll call you. In fact, calling me unsolicited will result in me never donating ever again. I am just that black and white about it.

Anyway, I am one of those people that will actually call the Do Not Call registry to complain if I get forbidden calls and I’ve been finding lately that I need to do that. Why many of these calls originate in Alberta, I have no idea. I also don’t really know why I find these calls such a personal affront… I actually feel offended that these people have the audacity to call ME, like, do they not know that I have way too much crap to do to deal with this? I laugh at myself all the time about this.

Dear Albertan Calling Centres; please take me off your freakin’ list. thxkbai.

Do you guys remember when “telemarketer” was not a dirty word? How do people do this job? How do you go to work every day knowing full well that your day is going to be slammed phones, expletives, and threats? How?

12 years ago


  1. That’s funny – I’m getting calls from all over except Alberta. I remember listening to a CBC program about what a disaster the do-not-call list was and how the names on the list were being given out and – of course – being used for marketing purposes.

  2. I’m also on this list.

    Funny, I get more calls now that my phone number is unlisted than I did before and added my # to the DNC list.

    What I’ve read(trying to find the link) that although we’re on the National Do Not Call List, that list however can be sold to other countries where they CAN call us.

    Sort of the same way skip tracers work.

    Certain laws prevent them from calling certain people (military – off limits), between certain hours, and how many times in a day, week, month they can call.
    That said, the same rules do not apply to the Usa to call us, so they simply swap lists. AKA-Loop Hole.

    All your points are valid and I couldnt agree more.

    The last time an unsolicted call came in, I took my que from a comedian (seinfeld I think) ask them for all their information, to verify who they were, their mothers maidan name, a number I could reach THEM at, and when the best time is to continue to call back etc…. they responded with the usual, “sorry ma’am, I’m not giving you my infor so you can call me at home”. well know you know how the #$%& I feel. Have a nice night. 🙂

  3. We’ve been in South Carolina not quite six weeks, and have already had to change our number once due to the overwhelming glut of collectors and telemarketers calling here Our provider assured us the new number would be “clean” (ha!) and that for a mere $3/mo fee we could have their added protection plan. Which, of course, hasn’t worked for shit. We get fewer calls than on the last number but I do screen at least three calls per day from telemarketers and this week began deleting voicemail for some dude named Willie from his debtors.

    However, I’m afraid what’ll happen if I cancel the $3 special protection plan….!

  4. It is so much worse for my parents in the US – they’ve had a DNC registry longer than us and they get crazy amounts of calls. Mostly from ppl their bank or local utilities have sold their info to.

    I was a telemarketer for about a week once. I can tell you all about it – in fact, I think I might write a post about it. It even fits for T2F because it was in the Westminster building! The people who do the job are usually students or seniors who need to work flexible hours. I remember finding out the reason we always had to take our dinner break at 6 was because most of the hangup calls happened during the dinner hour when people got angry at having their supper disturbed by the dodgy magazine sales companies like the one I worked for.

    The guy I worked for was literally the most misogynist a55h*le I ever worked for. They constantly hired out of the classifieds and made people leave their drivers’ licence for the bathroom key because they’d had so many people just walk out on the job on a bathroom break that they didn’t want to pay to replace it again.
    The only people left there when I was there were three really dumb very chesty women, and an older lady who was clearly the brains of the joint and whom the boss was clearly afraid of. She could sell sand to a camel.

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