Things I Never Expected

There is a growing list of things I truly did not expect about being a parent, but the most recent one is probably the funniest to date so I thought I’d share it.

This past Wednesday, Ross, Kale, Mooki and I, all got dewormed.

Yup, that’s right. Kale’s little buddy Bonnie was diagnosed with roundworms after her poor Dad found a live wriggler in her diaper on the previous Sunday. I think I would have DIED right there had that been me. Like, truly – DIED. Because Kale and Bonnie are so closely linked, and thus, because our families are so closely linked, the only way to truly ensure that we are all worm free was to man up and suck back appropriately sized doses of a lovely over the counter liquid preparation called Combantrin. The label claims it is “caramel-flavoured”, which generally for me is a win-win, but in this case, “caramel flavoured” was more of a suggestion, and the reality was more like “sweet going down, bitter afterward”.

I was expecting lice outbreaks come school time. I am okay with the fact that kids spread germs to one another. I understand that an outbreak of a lot of things is not an indicator of poor hygiene. But I was never expecting to have to deworm myself.

Mooki also got wormed because although it’s unlikely that the worms are actually from her, and everything I’ve read says that the worms dogs can get can’t live in humans and vice versa, I decided that the family that deworms together stays together.

It’s also entertaining that when I called the public nurse line, and sat on hold for 20 minutes to ask for some advice, the Very Nice Nurse shyly told me that she was actually quite happy I wasn’t calling because I thought I might have / was exposed to H1N1 and she said “I’m not revelling in your misery here, but I’m smiling as I’m looking up roundworm info for you.”

12 years ago


  1. ROFL… also not reveling in your misery but was there ever a funnier turn of phrase than “the family that de-worms together, stays together?”

    And would Mooki truly give up the great gig he’s already got over deworming? not a chance. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry you had to de-worm your entire family, but I am happy for this funny post. 🙂

    PS – I would have literally died too, I’m sure.

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