Wants for the Holidays

Christmas is coming and I’m stuck, as I always am. I don’t believe in perpetuating the Santa myth. I believe that Christmas is for loving people openly, and giving people tokens of that love, and of cherishing small moments in the wide abyss of time. Last year I wrote about Santa and I feel the exact same way this year with a year of parenting under my belt. But I’m one-half of this parenting team, so if Ross wants to perpetuate Santa, I am racked with guilt about poo-pooing Santa. So instead, I’m going to try and shut my mouth. Also, a compromise: I won’t give any gifts to Kale from “Santa”, but I’ll go along with it if there is something under the tree marked To: Kale From: Santa.

My girlfriend Lindsay asked the other day what Kale “wanted” for Christmas. The thing with Kale is that an empty snack container from the recycling will give him just as much joy as the hottest toy. So I replied that he needs nothing, because he truly needs nothing. He has plenty of toys, plenty of clothes, and plenty of everything else. A donation to his RESP will be the most appreciated gift, because I will do my damnedest to ensure this kid can do whatever he wants to in a post secondary frame of mind, even if that means 7 years of school or having to go to London to accomplish that. My friend Jocelyn wrote a really timely post with some great gift ideas for the kids in her life, and there are some tips in there I’m personally taking for the kids in my life. Lindsay could wrap up a empty facial tissue box and Kale would love it.

This holiday season we are headed to Alberta for a change of pace. We’re off to see my brother and his wife. It’s a trip Ross and I are looking forward to because we truly do not see enough of my brother and sister in law for our liking – they are fun and interesting people that we get along well with. So, it’s sad when we only can coordinate our collective schedules enough to see each other annually. I’d like to show Kale snowshoeing, I’d like to see a number of friends, and I’d really like the chance to see Melanie and her clan since her most recent trip to Vancouver was filled with robo-puking and we didn’t get to see them.

Ross and I have also asked his brother if its okay if we only purchase gifts for our children and because they just bought a house and got married, that suits them just fine. I’ve already picked up their son’s gift, so I am all set there. In years past, Ross and I have given our gift giving parameters – one year it was handmade, another year it was $50 or less. This year we’ve decided that the hitch is that it’s one gift only. I have some ideas, but hoo-boy. This means there is only one chance. Ross also hasn’t dropped any hints for that one particular thing, either, so I’m really going to have to get creative.

What about you guys? Got any special Christmas wants? Got any special holiday plans?

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  1. I thought you were working??? How are you doing with our special gift for you know who? Let me know. Talked to the brother last night and things are well. Talked to the daughter-in law too and things are moving along in the right direction. But I digress. Christmases that I had as a child were fabulous. They were simple and did include Santa, but they were not real expensive either. The personally thought out or hand made gift was always a treasure and I still have some of those today. The saddest Christmas was when I thought I knew that my mom and dad had a hand in the Santa thing and found my presents. Then when the morning came to have to act surprised Oh man what a sad day. My parents didn’t go over the top but Christmases included the Religious part and the Commercial part but a good balance. Candlelight services and family and friend gatherings and lots and lots of wonderful food. Merry Christmas Jen
    You should try for that.

  2. I LOVE the gift idea for kids, and a donation to his RESP is brillant! You’re a great mum Jen!!!

    I guess I’m at the age now where the kids in my family have grown and have kids of their own.

    Taking a que from you a few years ago, we now have our own little Urban Family Xmas. We do stocking, decorate, drink, tell embarassing stories and call it Xmas.

    Have a great time in AB.

  3. Actually, it was robo-pooping combined with a fever and cold. It could have been the swine flu for all we know (Mister has had it for the past month) but I don’t think it was. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to you and your clan coming to visit.

    As for Santa, I felt kind of the same way and wrote about it last year and the comment from my friend Charlotte really made me think about Christmas: http://www.meli-mello.com/?p=283#comments. I talked to my sister about it and the way they do it in their household is that stockings are from Santa and the present that the kid really wants is from Mum & Dad b/c they feel it is important for children to understand where these things really come from. I remember loving stockings as a kid so I am going to make some for us and a 12-days of Christmas calendar. Although when I am going to make it I have no idea! But someday…

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