#Best09 Best of 09 Challenge – Trip

December 1st – Trip – what was your best trip in 09?

Well, this is actually  bit of a sore spot for me. While Ross gets to go away for the weekend and go to the bush/mountain/etc, I’m here, baby attached to boob, and while I LOVE my son, there are times this past year when I passed up trips because, hey – they’ll come again, but I tell you in the back of my mind I’m now yearning for a weekend of me me me me ME.

But as a family, we did travel, nervous though I was about Kale and mucking up his schedules and I’d say my favouritest and bestest trip was Mill Bay. Ross’ aunt lives in Mill Bay and it rained for almost the entire weekend, but it was at Mill Bay that Kale got to eat sand and check out the beach for the first time. We were there to see a friend from Ottawa and that was just great.

There was a time in my life when I told people encouraging me to move away from the Coast that I’d never leave the Coast, and I’d never live far away from it. I’ve always felt an attachment to the Pacific, whether the ocean is angry and grey or calm and sparkly.

So my best trip was a quick weekend to Mill Bay, where Kale got to do this:

From Kale 1 Year to 18 months

And I got to do this:

From Kale 1 Year to 18 months

It was a great weekend.

12 years ago