#Best09 Best of 09 Challenge – Blog Find

 Blog find of the year.

This year I made a point to try and find more blogs I could relate to and I managed to find a few local moms. I also started to reliably use Google Reader – I was one of those people who had a folder full of favourites that direct linked to all my favourite blogs and I would spent a half hour each morning going through everyone and catching up. It sometimes meant I would click to a blog only to find out nothing was updated. Now I use Reader primarly because it tells me when there is new content, keeps track of when I have read it, and lets me share content with people. Blogs were way less important to me this year – I was and am so busy with so many online things – helping to maintaining the market website and writing for Tenth to the Fraser are two of the ones that take up my time – so I find that The Arbolog has been neglected a bit this year, and as a result, so have my blog favourites. So I guess I don’t really have a “blog find of the year”.

Seems there is a lot of this Best of 09 Challenge that don’t really apply to me. I’m starting to feel a little… bland.

12 years ago