#Best09 Best of 09 Challenge – Rush

December 14  – Rush. When did you get your best rush of the year?

At the end of the summer market season, we ran a survey of vendors asking them for input and feedback and ideas on how to improve our market. We got a lot of things like “keep up the good work” and “be open later” and more kids’ activities”, all which was very fine and good. But we also got a few comments like “How do I vote that Jen gets a raise?” and “although this isn’t the market I make the most money at, it’s the best one to be at” and “Jen is amazing”.

I really got a rush knowing that I am damn good at my job, and that it’s a job I love. I’m struggling right now because one of my jobs is that I work a few evenings a week for my former full time employer in a different department. I work by myself doing file manipulation to prepare submitted files to be loaded into the system. It’s draining. It’s boring as hell. I find it really hard to focus and to try and come to work and attack projects, and I find reasons to not sit and take care of it. I need a drink of water. I need a snack. I have to get a new pen out of the supply cupboard.

I’m fighting right now because I have so many little jobs – the market, babysitting Bonnie, selling Usborne Books (which really makes me nothing since its so infrequent), making Chai By Night tea, and this night job. Combined, they keep me busy more or less every night and day of the week. I’m running ragged lately, tired, run down, getting sick all the time partly from the working so much and partly from not sleeping well since Kale has decided that sleeping is for suckers, and that if he’s up, we all need to be up and hey since we are up, let’s do some screaming and crying because that’s also super duper fun. All of these jobs except this night job are from home at my own leisure. I get no benefits anymore from my former full time employer- I don’t work enough hours to qualify – and I don’t even get the benefit of having an adult social outlet because I work completely by myself in a grey cubicle. I wish there was some way to increase my income without increasing my hours working so that this one job which I find so hard to get into could be eliminated.

I wish I could get more hours from the market, the one job that gives me a rush.

12 years ago

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  1. What about finding out if another community in the surrounding area needs market help as well? With a solid summer under your belt, you just never know if they may need someone even if it starts in the spring. 🙂

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