#Best09 Best of 09 Challenge – Packaging

December 15 Best packaging. Did your headphones come in a sweet case? See a bottle of tea in another country that stood off the shelves?

OMG. Seriously? Like my friend Melanie, I wasn’t actually going to answer this one because this is one of those less is more things for me, but then I remembered that I actually wrote about packaging, about how there was too much packaging in toys, specifically, and so then I figured I actually did have something to say about this.

(You know, the two examples up there are really annoying on so many levels, and I will get to that too).

Back in August, I wrote about an exchange at Toys R Us I did after Kale’s birthday and how the toy we brought home was just ridiculously over packaged. This really, really annoys me. There’s just simply no need. I recently bought some handmade and locally made baby leg warmers, made by a SAHM (they are awesome and you should buy some from her) and I gotta tell you, the way she shipped them to me is truly awesome. I bought three pair, and she wrapped them in a single sheet of tissue paper, added her business card, then used that Food Saver thing, you know, the one that vacuums out all the air? And so it was flat enough to ship as a letter for $2. Dude. Awesome.

I think what bothers me is that its just so freakin’ unneccessary. A plastic toy does not need 5 twist ties to keep it in a perfect display position. Seriously.

Now, to address something else:  “Did your headphones come in a sweet case?” NO. No, they did not. Did I buy headphones? No. But this is a metaphorical item. The question could also be “did yoursymbol of consumerism come in some sort of earth killing heavily dyed and logoed unnecessary box that you’re just going to through out anyway because headphones are for listening to music and not coveting and worshipping at the altar of unneccessary ‘sweet case’. I mean,  COME ON. How about “did your headphones come in a totally smart thinking eco friendly re-purposeable box?” That’s something I actually want to hear about.

Alternatively, did you “see a bottle of tea in another country that stood off the shelves?” Ugh. Really? Seriously? First, no, I can’t afford a trip to some other country, monetarily speaking or timewise. If I had some time and some money to go travelling to other countries, I wouldn’t be spending my time there in a store checking out bottles of tea and their fancy pants packaging. Take away time and money as issues (and toddlers and jobs) and I’d go to Costa Rica, Cuba, or Portugal. I’d try and spend my time sampling the food, music, and mingling with the people. I wouldn’t spend my time checking out packaged tea on a shelf in some random store because, you know, I’d like to think there are more important things to me than that.

Seriously. Packaging? I’m falling off this “Best of” bandwagon. Sheesh.

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  1. I just love it when you rant. You remind of someone. Oh I know, your dad, after a stressful drive from work. You figure out which one (hint… It appplies to both) ha ha

  2. I wish I wrote this post because it was basically what I was thinking when I was not writing my own post. 🙂

    I’m off the Best of bandwagon too. Maybe I will think of my own “Best of’s” and write about them.

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