Ross, Kale, and I are leaving tomorrow for Victoria for a three city Christmas tour. We start in Victoria where we have plans with the Grans, and we’ll head up Island for the rest of the weekend. On Monday we’re back here for the day and on Tuesday at 1:50pm we board a plane from Abbotsford to Calgary where we are spending 8 whole days frolicking in the cold and dry weather of Alberta.

I’m not really worried about taking Kale on his first plane trip – a flight to Calgary takes more time to taxi from the hangar to the disembarking area than it does actually up in the air. Whatever he throws our way we can deal with, and apologize profusely to neighbouring passengers.

Things I am sort of worried about:  Kale hasn’t been sleeping well for the past few weeks. Sleeping at places other than home will likely just get worse. Alternatively, it might just make it all better, who knows. But it’s an unknown and one I am sort of nervous about.

I’m not worried about it, but three days ago, Kale elected to stop breastfeeding. He was down to once a day, in the mornings, and over the past while he has gone from crawling into my lap and asking for milk, to making the hand sign for milk and racing us to the fridge to get out his sippy of milk. If we are done breastfeeding, well, that’s okay. I really don’t feel sad about it. But what I’m worried about (a bit) is whether the three city Christmas tour will prompt a return to wanting to breastfeed only to find out there is no more milk. How much there was before, I’m not really sure. My breast (since he hasn’t nursed on one side in months) isn’t showing any signs of being unhappy about Kale’s departure – no hardness, soreness, redness or anything. So in my mind, we’re done. Just like that.

The funny thing is that with a vacation, I’ll likely have more time to post blog entries, rather than less time. Or at least, I hope. I need some serious downtime.

I’m also researching a new phone. My Blackberry, which was bought used a year or so ago, has started randomly shutting off, randomly choosing not to check new messages, and randomly choosing not to ring. I’m starting to look at iPhones… primarily because their user interface and toddler fuss-busting applications appeal to me. Bell is offering me a pretty attractive rate plan as well, that will save $20 a month on the plan over 3 years but initially cost me $200 for the phone. Anyone out there with an iPhone or a Blackberry who has recently made the switch from one to the other have some advice to share?

12 years ago